Kitchen design 14 sq m (42 photos): how to create with your own hands, video project, instructions and photos

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 We create an interior in the kitchen with an area of ​​14 squares
    • 1.1 Corner layout
    • 1.2 Linear layout
    • 1.3 Parallel layout
    • 1.4 U-shaped layout
  • 2 Working triangle
  • 3 Let's sum up

The kitchen design of 14 square meters has always been interesting to people in our country. Because kitchens of this size are the most popular option in old houses. And someday the time comes for renovation, and the question of the kitchen interior comes to the fore.

It has long been known that the kitchen is one of the favorite rooms in the apartment. As for the housewives, they are the ones who make the most demands on the arrangement of the kitchen. Because they are the ones who spend the most time in the kitchen and convenience is the most fundamental point.

kitchen design 14 sq m

Kitchen in 14 squares

We create an interior in the kitchen with an area of ​​14 squares

The design project of a kitchen of 14 sq. M. Is a very interesting task. This size of the kitchen allows you to reveal the vastness of imagination when you choose any option. The size and shape of the kitchen area determines the configuration of the kitchen.

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Corner layout

kitchen design project 14 sq m

Corner kitchen in classic style

She is able to make the room very comfortable, and the use of a well-thought-out design of the project will add beauty to the kitchen interior. This design is preferred by many for its versatility, as it can decorate almost any room.

Corner kitchen style:

  1. Classic. As always, it appears elegant and majestic. Facade lines are decorated with curly elements, doors are decorated with glass or carvings, household appliances in the kitchen are used built-in.
  2. Country. The application of this style is effective for a large country house.

The decoration is done mainly with natural materials, the furniture is made of solid wood. The kitchen is decorated with themed accessories, checkered or floral textiles.

  1. High tech. It is an example of modern techno style. The interior contains a large number of metal elements.
  1. Modern. Something in between what is classic and high-tech style. The use of smooth lines, glass doors, pedestals on legs is inherent in Art Nouveau (see also article Modern corner kitchens - features of room design).

Linear layout

kitchen design 14 sq.

Linear layout in the kitchen in 14 squares

It is the most versatile type of layout, ideal for a small and narrow kitchen, and for a more spacious room. One part of the large room is occupied by kitchen furniture, and the other is a place for cooking and receiving food. All kitchen equipment is located in one line along the wall.

In this case, in order to maintain the rational dimensions of the triangle, the sink should be located in the center, the stove and refrigerator at the ends of the row. The work surface should be placed between the stove and the sink. And best of all, when kitchen elements, including a sink and a stove, are combined into one common work panel.

Read also the article "Corner kitchen 6 sq m - design of a kitchen set".

Parallel layout

kitchen design 14 square meters

Parallel layout in the kitchen in 14 squares

A layout of this kind provides for the arrangement of kitchen furniture along opposite walls or the removal of some part of the kitchen set in the center, in the form of an island. In order to save time and it was convenient enough, the sink and the hob are located close to each other.

Among the advantages of this layout is that it has a large number of work areas. The use of a parallel layout is ideal for large kitchens, often used by owners of private houses and cottages.

U-shaped layout

kitchen design 14m2

U-shaped layout in the kitchen in 14 squares

This layout assumes the arrangement of kitchen furniture along three sides of the kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen is a good option for both large and medium-sized rooms. Such functionality is able to fit well into kitchens of medium size, because with such an interior design, the dimensions of the working triangle are optimal.

It is believed that the use of the U-shaped kitchen is focused only on preparing food. Due to the fact that the three sides of the kitchen area are reserved for work and are intended for those who have got into the habit of preparing food in the kitchen and taking it in another room.

In fact, this is only true for small kitchens. The design of a kitchen of 14 square meters implies that part of the length of the walls can be allocated for kitchen furniture. The rest can be used as a dining area.

Working triangle

Optimal positioning of the working triangle

If you have chosen the most suitable of all the planning options, then the next step will be the optimal arrangement of the components of your kitchen. It is necessary to rationally arrange three main components: a sink, a stove and a refrigerator, which are called the working triangle. They are used more often than others, which is why their correct relative position is important.

According to most designers, the location of these essential kitchen attributes should be as close as possible. And the optimal distance between them is one and a half meters.

It is also worth deciding on:

  • where to place the cutting table;
  • where to store the dishes;
  • how to correctly beat all design decisions and so on.

This is necessary in order to ultimately get a harmonious picture, and in addition, so that the whole environment would also be comfortable.

Attention: When creating a 14m2 kitchen design, remember one very important rule of storing things in the kitchen. The essence of this rule is that the lighter the object, the higher it should be located. In particular, napkins should be placed on top, and heavy bags of vegetables in the drawers of the floor cabinets.

Let's sum up

Having a corresponding desire, it is not difficult to create a kitchen design with your own hands, our site provides photo and video materials on various ways of arranging kitchen furniture. And also step by step instructions that will allow you to create a comfortable and functional space in the kitchen.

Advice! Before you start working on the design of your kitchen, decide on the budget that you are willing to spend on these purposes. Currently, the market provides ample opportunities for arranging kitchen space, and the price lies in a very wide range and depends only on your choice.

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