Classic kitchen design (38 photos): video instructions for decorating a classic interior with your own hands, price, photo

  • Dec 20, 2020
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  • 1 Classic style
    • 1.1 Color spectrum
    • 1.2 Wall decoration
    • 1.3 Floor
    • 1.4 Ceiling
    • 1.5 Furniture
    • 1.6 Accessories
    • 1.7 Lighting
  • 2 Outcome

Despite some disdain with which the owners of the living space treat the interior design of the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is at the dining table that guests will spend most of their time, besides, unlike other rooms, the kitchen, besides external design must carry a certain functional load, which implies the cooking process food.

There are many styles, but if you prefer austerity, conservatism, luxury and good quality - then the ideal option for you would be the design of the kitchen in classic style. Even without being a professional designer, following our advice, you can achieve the desired result.

classic kitchen design

Unsurpassed classic-style kitchen-living room design - photo

Classic style

Color spectrum

classic kitchen design

Classic living room in cinnamon tones - photo

Color is an important component of any design - the belonging of the interior to a certain style will depend on the correctly selected color scheme. The design of a classic kitchen implies the use of monochrome colors or an emphasis on contrasting combinations.

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But in general, the colors should give the impression of understated luxury and dignity.

The most common combinations in classic furnishings are contrasting ratios of black and white, and dark and light shades of brown.

Do not use excessively bright colors and shades for decoration. Classics do not tolerate flashy colors and pretentiousness - it will look vulgar.

Wall decoration

The classic kitchen design implies several ways to decorate the walls - consider the most common options:

  • Wall decoration with plaster may only be appropriate if it is carried out by professionals.
    There should be no irregularities or imperfections, it should give the impression of quality and good quality. The use of embossed plaster is acceptable;
  • Natural wood finish - one of the most successful finishing options in classic style kitchens. The nobleness of the tree will be the best, by the way, for the design of a classic interior. For cladding, you can use a classic wooden lining of a dark or light brown shade;
  • Classic is one of the few styles where wall drapery with textiles will look appropriate.
    For finishing it is necessary to select expensive plain fabrics that will create an atmosphere of wealth and taste. It is acceptable to use fabric with a discreet monochromatic pattern;

Decorating in a classic style often means decorating the walls with stucco molding, which gives the interior a sense of sophistication and solidity. However, it is important not to overdo it here - excessive decoration will rather make a negative impression.


classic kitchen design

Laminate in a classic kitchen

The floor is in a classic style, ideally covered with wooden parquet, which will emphasize the overall design line. However, natural parquet is a rather expensive material - the most suitable alternative to parquet would be kitchen tiletinted wood.

Also, a classic kitchen can be covered with high-quality laminate flooring.


Classic ceilings can have a different structure - it can be a painted ceiling with a painting or a single-color suspended ceiling. Often, the ceiling in the classical style is decorated with patterned painting and stucco molding, which is selected in accordance with the pattern on the walls, if any.

Interesting to know!
Regardless of which version of the ceiling design you choose, the main condition is strict geometric shapes.
The classics do not tolerate inaccuracies and against the general background, even a small discrepancy will look lurid.


classic cuisine

Classic wall of irregular shape

The interior and design of the kitchen in a classic style implies the presence of furniture, the main qualities which are: grace, symmetry, sophistication and correctness of forms, as well as functionality and practicality.

The design of the kitchen in the classic style is furniture that amazes the eye with skillful carving and graceful forms. The depth of color and mirror shine of the kitchen set made of natural wood is one of the main priorities of the classic style.

There are many different manufacturers that offer decent examples of classic furniture and in this case it all depends on your tastes.

You should not buy fashionable furniture that embodies bold design decisions.
Classics are not influenced by time - fashion, on the other hand, will pass over time and lose its relevance.
Time-tested textures should be selected, so you will avoid such misunderstandings.


classic kitchen design

Classic cuisine - luxury and comfort

In a classic interior, heavy massive ones will look appropriate beautiful curtains for the kitchen - by their presence they will emphasize his nobility. Interior decoration is carried out using ceramic and porcelain vases, figurines and other works of art. Also, the walls can be decorated with paintings or photo galleries.


Lighting in the kitchen in a classic style should not be too bright - the ideal is soft, diffused light. For this purpose, you can use massive crystal chandeliers, lampshade shades or candelabra. Built-in lamps are used as additional sources of illumination.


If you prefer discreet dignity and time-tested style, and the price is not a serious obstacle, then the classic design of the kitchen will be the ideal option for you. Our instruction + video will help you create a classic kitchen design with your own hands, avoiding common mistakes and achieving the desired result.

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