Here you will learn how to transform an old bathtub beyond recognition.

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Acrylic coating
  • 2 The bath can be filled with new enamel
  • 3 Acrylic liner

Acrylic coating

Having decided to transform an old bathtub, be patient, as you will have a rather long and tedious job, but do not despair. Everything is not as difficult as it seems and in the end everything will work out, your bath will look like new, in the truest sense of the word.

The bath can be filled with new enamel

To begin with, as with any painting work, you need to clean the surface. So you need to sand your bath. Do not suffer and immediately resort to a grinder with a special disc. Then the surface is washed and dried. After drying, it must be processed, for this, any solvent is used. The surface needs to be "degreased" in the same way for any painting. The floor under the sides must be covered, as the composition will drip from them.

Next, we take acrylic with a hardener, which you buy in advance, it will cost about three hundred and fifty rubles. We mix very diligently, for at least ten minutes, because if the acrylic does not mix with the hardener, it will never turn into hard enamel, but will remain a thick, sticky slurry.

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Pour the resulting mixture onto the treated surface. We pour on the sides of the bath, without gaps, evenly. Poured from the sides will drain down to the bottom and gradually cover the entire surface. There will be gaps and they need to be covered with a spatula. Use a rubber one for decorating your apartment. While covering the gaps, at the same time smooth out irregularities as much as possible.

Place a container under the bath drain. The rest of the solution will drain into it. And that is all. Now all that remains is to wait. And after about four hours, the acrylic will self-level. This does not mean that you can not level it at all, the smoother you apply the solution, the better. If you do everything well, your bath will be just perfect, do not neglect this stage of work.

After a day, the bath will dry out, but this is an illusion. Only the top layer of the coating has hardened, you can use the bathroom only after two days.

So the bath is covered with acrylic

Acrylic liner

An easier and cheaper way is to buy an acrylic liner. It only needs to be cut to the size of the old bathtub with a grinder. And install it inside, having previously processed the surface in the same way as in the first case. Only now, after processing, we apply in strips, at a distance of the palm from each other, polyurethane foam and apply an insert on it. Then evenly presses over the entire surface. After installation in the bathroom and closing the sides with any decorative interior details, it will not be possible to distinguish the liner from the coating.

This is how the acrylic liner is inserted

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