Young client was surprised how easily and I just brushed it aerator

  • Dec 24, 2019

Sometimes the simple things do not know housewives, especially the young. This time came to apply for replacement of meters. At the end of the work the client asked me to check the mixer. In her words in recent days it has become crooked pour water into the sink. Especially small trickle.

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I know many owners of apartments are at the first clogged aerators send them to the trash. In any case it is impossible to do so. This "adapt" saves up to 50% of water by stirring the water jet air.

This instruction is an educational program for many housewives.

Remember if through the mixer water goes bad, the first thing you need to check AERATOR mixer. This little thing on the tip of the spout. It is required to turn away. Sometimes she gives in his hands, if hands slide try to wear rubber gloves and have to unscrew the threaded tip, rotates counter clockwise.

But quite often without an adjustable or pipe wrench can not do.

Vykruchennyh kruglyashok need to consider. Look carefully at the hole. They should be cross-cutting.

If the holes are clogged it must be cleaned. Typically, this action helps. But in severe cases, when the lime deposits densely covered with mesh, the aerator can put food in acetic acid. After 10-30 minutes, carefully remove the aerator and rinse under running water.

Such action is sufficient to return the mixer tip in almost pristine condition.

Further, a slight movement of the aerator wrap back into the mixer in a clockwise direction, making sure the gasket (pictured them blue).

As a result, the landlady was satisfied, because the issue was resolved. Information on the care received mixer.

<A href = "">People photo created by bearfotos - </a>
People photo created by bearfotos -

In this farewell to the landlady. With a sense of accomplishment. 😉

Thanks for attention. I hope you have been interesting. Like the plumber.