Corner hood for the kitchen: do-it-yourself video instructions for installation, price, photo

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Benefits of corner models
  • 2 Features of corner hoods
    • 2.1 About the specificity of corner hoods
    • 2.2 Priorities when choosing a corner hood
  • 3 Review of 5 popular models
  • 4 Finally

With a non-standard kitchen layout, which involves placing a stove in the corner of a room, buying a corner hood would be the ideal solution. Read about what such models are good for and how to choose them correctly in our material.

Such designs can solve the problem with a non-standard layout.

Benefits of corner models

Corner hoods for the kitchen make the interior of the room more modern and functional. Constructions of this type have a number of advantages that are definitely worth paying attention to. Among them:

  • Save space. Due to the fact that the structure is located in the corner, it takes up a minimum of space and uses every centimeter of space with benefit. This arrangement allows you to accommodate even large models in small spaces.

Due to their shape, such appliances can be fitted even in a small kitchen.

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  • Ease of installation. It is not difficult to install such a unit with your own hands - you can cope with it without even having special construction skills.
  • Convenient management. The kitchen corner hood is controlled using conventional buttons, touch panel or remote control.

Compact devices can be controlled using a touch panel, buttons or remotely

  • High decorative performance. These models are available in different shapes and materials. Round and spherical models, equipped with additional lighting, look especially stylish.
  • Price. In comparison with larger models, the cost of these devices is much more affordable.

What can be a kitchen with a corner hood: a classic style kitchen, hi-tech, provence, techno or loft

Features of corner hoods

The corner kitchen hood has some features that you should be aware of before choosing a unit. In this section, we will tell you about them, as well as what to look for in the first place during the purchase process.

The most popular options are T-shaped and domed

Today kitchen corner hoods are produced on the basis of already proven and very popular hanging units for the kitchen. Specifically, they are divided into:

  • T-shaped. More compact models that fit perfectly into even the smallest kitchens.
  • Dome. Most often they are performed in a classic style, which allows them to be used in the interior of the same name.

Most often, dome models are made in a classic style (example in the photo)

About the specificity of corner hoods

Corner models have two very interesting features:

  • Working hours. Almost all types of corner appliances connected to the air duct, while not losing the ability to work in recirculation mode;
  • Appearance. The design of the models can be very diverse. You can easily find models: in a classic style (dome design), in a retro style and many options for ultramodern interiors, such as high-tech.

Almost all popular models have flow and recirculation modes of operation at the same time

Priorities when choosing a corner hood

When choosing exactly corner kitchen hoods, you must first take into account the following factors.

  • Power. The corner hood for the kitchen must match the dimensions of the kitchen. The larger the room, the more power you should choose. The instructions for using the unit advise you to choose a model with a "margin" of performance. This will allow you to overload the engine, so that the device will last you longer.
  • Noise level. It should not exceed the norms permissible for the human ear, be comfortable. The most optimal indicator is considered to be below 60 decibels.

The optimum noise level of the device is up to 60 decibels

  • The size. The width of the appliance must be the same as the size of the hob or be larger than it. The standard width for today is 50 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm.
  • Material. Modern devices are made of durable materials, and their range allows you to fit the unit into any interior. The useful unit can be finished with glass, enamel, ceramic or wood.

The covering of the household appliance can be glass, enamel, ceramic or wood

Review of 5 popular models

To make it easier for you to choose the right option, in this section we will provide an overview of the most popular models of devices.

Illustration Description
Lex CHR 118 Angolo. Fireplace unit with a width of 100 cm and with combined operation. Equipped with one motor, the maximum productivity of the device is 850 m3 / h.

Interesting design - the body, painted in "ivory", the edging is made of wood. Control - mechanics, carried out using sliders, has three working speeds. Grease filter included, charcoal filter sold separately.

Lex Al-Angolo 900 Inox. Model with a width of 90 centimeters and a capacity of 1370 m3 per hour. Works in two modes, there is a timer that allows the device to remain unattended; intensive mode is not provided.

The body is made in silver color, the set from the supplier includes two filters: charcoal and grease

Elica Hydra IX F-100. Model with a width of 100 cm and a case made of stainless steel. Push-button control, a grease filter is installed, which allows the device to work in a diverting mode. Productivity at maximum speed - 750 m3 per hour.
Elikor Forest 90. The model with a width of 90 cm is made in a classic style. The maximum productivity is 650 m3 per hour. Equipped with mechanical control, noise level during operation - 56 dB.
TEKA DQ 90. T-shaped construction, belonging to the elite price segment. The width of the device is 90 centimeters, the noise level during operation is 45 decibels. The maximum capacity of the unit is 120 m3 per hour.


Kitchens with a corner range hood look unusual and stylish. Now you know about the features of corner structures and the nuances that you should pay attention to during the purchase process. This will allow you to select the most suitable model. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video material in the article - there you will find a lot of useful information.

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