Which hood for the kitchen is better: do-it-yourself video instructions for installation, a review of manufacturers, how to choose, price, photo

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Hood classification
  • 2 The three most requested options
  • 3 Additional characteristics and parameters
    • 3.1 Noise level
    • 3.2 Change filters
  • 4 Innovation - Convenient Functionality
  • 5 Choosing an inexpensive hood
  • 6 Finally

The hood is the most important part of any kitchen space, preventing the spread of odors throughout the apartment. Before buying this integral element of the kitchen, many housewives ask a really important question - which hood is better for the kitchen? Let's try to figure it out together.

The selection of the hood should be carried out based on several parameters: the type of its design, control, the noise it produces during operation.

Hood classification

To date, two types of design are known - circulation and flow. In the event that your apartment already has a natural ventilation system for the kitchen, then you should buy a flow-through design, but if not, then a circulation one.

By the type of air purification, structures are divided into circulation and flow

Now let's try to consider these systems in more detail and decide which hood for the kitchen is better?

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  • Circulating. These models run air through the filtration system, and, already purified, return it to the kitchen. Such types of cooker hoods there is one important nuance - to eliminate various odors, special charcoal filters are used, which after a certain period of time should be replaced with new ones.

Circulation models run air through the filtration system and return it to the kitchen, already purified

  • Flowing. Such models work much more efficiently than circulating ones. Do not forget that such hoods in the kitchen must be connectedto ventilation. Flow models also have carbon filters (they get dirty less often, but they still have to be changed).
    Despite the fact that, in general, these structures are better and more durable, they have one significant drawback - for their installation, you need to invite a professional.

With a flow-through unit, the smell is discharged into the ventilation

Having considered these systems, it is still quite difficult to conclude - which hoods are better for the kitchen? Let's go ahead and take a closer look at the most popular unit models.

The three most requested options

To choose the most suitable option for you, you should familiarize yourself with the available range of designs. The most popular are the following:

  • Option 1. Suspended. These are the simplest and most unpretentious models, created according to the "cheap but cheerful" type. Most configurations have only one motor and use ordinary disposable fabric filters.

Suspended hoods - the most affordable and common models

Of the several operating modes of such a unit, the main one is the air recirculation mode, therefore, this the device should buy disposable carbon filters (they trap odor and neutralize various small particles). These options are most appropriate in small kitchens.

Hanging models are the best solution for a small kitchen

  • Option 2. Embedded. Many housewives believe that these are the best kitchen hoods. Almost every model is equipped with a special pull-out panel, which is designed to increase the air intake.
    Experts recommend purchasing built-in models equipped with two motors, which in itself makes them more productive and better in performance.

Built-in models are equipped with a pull-out panel responsible for air intake

To trap fat, they use aluminum filters. The price of such models is not much higher than the usual pendant counterparts.

Aluminum filters are used as the material for the trap.

  • Option 3. Dome. Outwardly, they very much resemble a dome, from where they got their working name. They differ from other options, first of all, in their design (use of various materials in the construction) and colors, which allows them to be used in almost any interior. Such models are attached to the wall or ceiling exactly above the slab.

Dome models are ideal for classic interiors

Answering the question - which hood is better for the kitchen, you should not trust only your eyes. Model design is not the main factor by which all functions and characteristics of the unit can be determined. Immediately before making a purchase, check the dimensions of your kitchen, the dimensions of the stove itself, and only after that decide whether to take you a built-in model, or a suspended one.

In order for the design to fit perfectly into the dimensions of the kitchen, it is necessary to carefully measure before purchasing it.

Additional characteristics and parameters

If you have not yet decided which hoods are best for the kitchen, then we will consider additional characteristics and parameters that will allow you to understand the features of the above types of construction.

Noise level

When choosing a new hood, you should pay special attention to the noise level. The included device, which works like an old vacuum cleaner, will create some discomfort in the kitchen, and if you also like to watch TV while cooking, then these models are definitely not for you!

The noise level that the unit emits during operation is one of the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying

For such people, the best kitchen hood is a model equipped with a sound-absorbing unit. Despite the fact that such structures are somewhat more expensive than devices without this unit, they will serve a long serviceable service, bringing the owner (or the owner) only the joy of perfect purchases.

The noise level is influenced not so much by the hood model as by its type.
The most noisy are circulation ones, less noisy - flow ones. Also, it should be remembered that the noise level directly depends on the power of the unit - the more powerful the model is, the more noise it will create.

The more powerful the hood model, the more noise it makes.

Change filters

If you have not yet decided for yourself which hoods are better for the kitchen, then we will pay attention to the following indicator. In the event that you plan to operate the purchased household appliances for several years, then you should take care of the presence of filter elements.

When buying a unit, it is better to immediately buy several pairs of filters for it

After a certain time, the filter in your unit will begin to lose its quality and after a few years may simply fail. That is why when buying a new unit, manufacturers recommend purchasing 1-2 new carbon filters in a set.

Innovation - Convenient Functionality

Which hood is better for the kitchen is up to you! In this section, we want to introduce you to some of the modifications that may interest you:

  • Microprocessors or mechanics. If you pay attention to the hoods of a high price group, then you will certainly be interested in the fact that expensive models are equipped with a microprocessor. They have several additional functions, among which the most famous are interval switching and residual stroke.

The interval function allows you to turn on the appliance at low speeds, thereby constantly maintaining the flow of fresh air in the kitchen

Interval switching on is a mode that allows you to automatically turn on the device at the lowest speed, which makes it possible to constantly maintain the flow of fresh air in the kitchen. Residual stroke - after cooking, this function turns on the fan for a short time in order to ventilate the room from extraneous odors.

  • Electronics and touch controls. There are a huge number of modes, the ability to automatically turn on and off, more fine adjustment of the work settings. Also, automatic control can adjust the lighting: for example, if a person approaches the stove, it becomes brighter, moves away - weaker.

Convenient lighting control improves the comfort of the cooking process

  • Appearance. The best range hood for the kitchen has in its arsenal not only a microprocessor and automation, but also a beautiful case.
    So, many companies use the following materials when creating units: stainless and enameled steel, plastic, tempered glass, etc. (glass and aluminum are a chic combination for expensive models).

The constructions are made on the basis of stainless and enameled steel, plastic and tempered glass. This makes them easy to fit into any interior

If you are interested in the best manufacturers of kitchen hoods, then pay attention to the following brands: Zanussi, Krona, Lex, Elica, Falmec.

Choosing an inexpensive hood

What kitchen hood is better to choose if there are no extra hundreds of thousands in your pockets? Here experts recommend paying attention to such parameters as:

  • Control. A high-quality and at the same time inexpensive unit should be simple and affordable (I mean, even an ignorant person can control the hood).

The hood control should be as simple and convenient as possible

  • Accessories. You can always buy the necessary accessories (filters, spare parts, etc.) for a good hood from a well-known manufacturer. As a rule, in the store where you bought the hood, the seller must offer additional components himself.
  • Manufacturer. If the brand of the hood is known and always on hearing, then such a company can be trusted. Firstly, even if the hood turns out to be of poor quality (which is unlikely), well-known manufacturers give a sufficiently long guarantee and provide qualified service for their products (repair, installation and etc.).

It is better to give preference to units from well-known manufacturers - this is more reliable

  • Ease of cleaning. According to statistics, only 90% of fat and small particles can be retained by a high-quality filter, when everything else settles on the blades (impeller) and on the motor. When buying a new hood, you should pay attention to the convenience of cleaning it (you will have to do this someday). A high-quality hood should be easy to assemble and disassemble without outside help.
  • Cleaning the case. If you have purchased a cooker hood made of aluminum or stainless steel, then you should take into account one important nuance - protective the surface on such models is rather thin, so you should use special cleaning agents when cleaning.

In order not to damage the surface, do not use aggressive detergents to clean it.


We have provided a description of the most popular models of hoods that are most often found in modern kitchens and talked about their additional functions. If you are still interested in the question of which kitchen hoods are better, then we advise you to familiarize yourself with the photos and videos on our website. Also, we have presented step-by-step instructions for installing hoods in the kitchen do it yourself.

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