The quietest hoods for the kitchen: do-it-yourself video instructions for installation, noiseless, noise level, price, photo

  • Dec 21, 2020
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  • 1 Quiet hoods - what they are
    • 1.1 The role of noise in human life
    • 1.2 Producers' efforts
    • 1.3 Advantages of silent hoods
  • 2 How the hoods work
  • 3 Market offers
    • 3.1 CATA TF 2003 DURALUM
    • 3.2 KRONASteel Bella 600
    • 3.3 Elica Oretta WH / A / 60
  • 4 Conclusion

Currently, the market offers a very wide range of kitchen hoods. There are many devices in stores that create the necessary atmosphere in the kitchen. When choosing a hood, it is worth deciding which of the characteristics they have will be decisive for you.

After all, we choose a device for cleaning the air in the kitchen, starting from design, shape, color, material, width, power, noise, presence or absence of lighting, control panel. Additional functions are also important, which can be: remote control, sensors that respond to changes in humidity or temperature, etc. Among the selection criteria, not least the price of the device is considered. The listed characteristics are of course very important, but, perhaps, one of the determining ones is the noise level that appears as a result of the operation of the kitchen hood.

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Very quiet extractor hood

Very quiet extractor hood

Quiet hoods - what they are

The role of noise in human life

The noise around us

The noise around us

The manufacturers of kitchen hoods do not leave aside the solution to the problem of noise. They strive to ensure that there is also a silent hood for the kitchen. At least there is an understanding that extraneous noise was at the lowest possible level.

Silent inclined cooker hood

Silent inclined cooker hood

Various companies are developing technologies for the production of very quiet fans, so that quiet kitchen hoods are practically not perceived by the human ear. Such devices contain special, very quiet electric motors and soundproofing enclosure panels. And the main conclusion that can be immediately drawn is that when the noise of the hood is reduced, the comfort of being in the kitchen increases.

It must be said that manufacturers are trying to combat the noise of kitchen hoods. State-of-the-art materials and special anti-vibration pads are used to bring silent kitchen hoods to the market.

For orientation in the noise that surrounds a person, look at the data on the power of some sounds and compare with the average noise of kitchen hoods.

Here is the instruction, hmm... more precisely, the list:

  1. Human whispering at a distance of 1 m - 20 decibels (dB)
  2. The rumble of the auditorium in the theater is 30 dB.
    Loudness limit in a residential area at night.
  3. Quiet, clearly audible conversation - 40 dB.
    Daytime Living Room Loudness Limit.
  4. Medium-volume conversation - 50 dB.
  5. Noisy conversation - 60 dB.
    The maximum permissible European norm for offices.
  6. The sound of a brass band at a distance of 1 m - 70 dB.
  7. Truck engine running - 80 dB.
  8. The puncher's work is 90 dB.
  9. The maximum sound from rolling thunder is 100 dB.
    The maximum allowable headphone volume.
  10. Working tractor at a distance of 1m - 110 dB.
  11. Demolition hammer work - 120 dB
  12. Pain threshold 120-140 dB.

The volume of noise from most operating hoods ranges from 50 to 65 decibels, and you can determine what kind of sounds this range is among.

Producers' efforts

Cooker hood with two fans

Cooker hood with two fans

Many companies are working hard to produce the quietest range hoods for the kitchen. They engage experts in the aerohydrodynamic field with the help of which calculations are made to optimize air flows.

Also, not one, but two fans are installed - as a result, the engine speed is reduced, and hence the noise. As a result of such cooperation and innovations, kitchen hoods are produced - silent or practically silent, capable of providing comfort in the kitchen.

Advantages of silent hoods

Great design, good performance

Great design, good performance

The hood with a very low noise level, or in other words, the quietest hood for the kitchen will certainly delight any housewife.

  1. It will not only get rid of unnecessary odors, but also allow you to listen to your favorite music, watch TV programs, and talk on the phone while in the kitchen.
  2. If there are small children in the house, low noise hoods will allow you to cook while they sleep.
  3. Such devices kitchen hoods represent an excellent find for combining a kitchen with a living room.

How the hoods work

To understand what provides quiet operation, let's examine the proprietary noise reduction system NRS (Noise Reduction System) from the Italian company Falmec.

The scheme of work of NRS from Falmec.

The scheme of work of NRS from Falmec.

Several interesting solutions are combined here.

Technical solutions The resulting result
Exhaust fan location It is as far as possible from the air intake. Acoustic vibrations must travel a long enough distance; at the same time, their amplitude (the same cherished volume) will inevitably decrease with each re-reflection from the walls of the hood.
Case thickness Thanks to the massive body, its walls do not resonate, amplifying the sound, but dampen it.
V-shaped sound absorbers Several partially overlapping acoustic traps are made of a porous material that absorbs noise as much as possible.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Noise level from hood with NRS technology.

Noise level from hood with NRS technology.

As it is easy to see, at the minimum speed, the noise practically does not stand out against the normal background of the living room (30 dB); it becomes audible only at the maximum, fourth speed.

It is curious: at the same time, the performance of the impeller in Falmec hoods reaches 800 cubic meters of air per hour.
For most inexpensive devices with a much higher noise level, 400 - 600 m3 / hour are considered the norm.

Market offers

What does the current market offer us? Let's get acquainted with several units from different manufacturers that have one thing in common - low noise operation.


Classic built-in cooker hood with push-button control has only two speed modes. It is backlit by two 40-watt incandescent lamps; filtration and recirculation mode is not available. Overall dimensions - 60x47.3x14 centimeters, diameter of the ventilation duct fitting - 12 cm.

We, of course, are primarily interested in performance and noise characteristics. The device at the maximum speed removes 600 cubic meters of air from the room per hour, while producing a noise of 44 decibels. Its current retail value is RUB 7,200.

CATA TF 2003 Duralum.

CATA TF 2003 Duralum.

KRONASteel Bella 600

The retail price is not much higher than that of the previous offer - 8090 rubles; however, the list of possibilities is already much more impressive.

  • Recirculation mode available. The air is cleaned with a replaceable carbon a standard kitchen hood filter.
  • The choice of one of the three speeds is carried out by buttons. They also turn on the backlight.
  • Maximum noise level - only 39 dB. Alas, it was achieved due to a decrease in productivity: it is only 390 cubic meters per hour.
Product appearance.

Product appearance.

Elica Oretta WH / A / 60

This sleek device is the absolute leader in our review. With an impressive capacity of 650 m3 / h, the maximum noise is only 32 decibels. Alas, all good things come at a price; in our case, this fee will be taken from the buyer in cash and will amount to almost 35 thousand rubles.

The non-loudness characteristics are pretty mediocre:

  • Illumination - two 28-watt halogen lamps.
  • Control - mechanical buttons.
  • In recirculation mode, the air is cleaned by a replaceable carbon filter.
Elica Oretta is the record holder of our review.

Elica Oretta is the record holder of our review.


Be very careful about buying a kitchen hood, because only a detailed acquaintance with characteristics of modern devices, will allow you to buy what you need and will not make you regret it. Moreover, in our information age, a lot of photo and video materials are available that allow you to mount the hood beautifully and aesthetically, even with your own hands.

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