How to get rid of bugs in the kitchen cabinet with your own hands: how to get it out, instructions, photo and video tutorials

  • Dec 22, 2020
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  • 1 Bugs in the rump - Mucoed Surinamese
  • 2 How to get rid of bugs in your rump
    • 2.1 You'll need
    • 2.2 Stages
    • 2.3 Preventive measures
  • 3 Grinder
    • 3.1 How to fight
  • 4 Food moth
    • 4.1 Remedial measures
  • 5 Conclusion

Almost every housewife has faced such a problem as the appearance of house bugs in the kitchen. Of course, it is unpleasant, but this does not mean that you are a bad hostess.

Most often, these bugs start in those kitchen cabinets in which you store food. Unfortunately, there are quite a few types of bugs that can ruin our lives and food.

how to get rid of bugs in the kitchen cabinet

Croup damaged by bugs

We will consider the most common and tenacious ones, and also give advice on how to get rid of bugs in the kitchen. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to save the cereal; you can only throw it away and do a general cleaning.

Bugs in the rump - Mucoed Surinamese

The bug that most often appears in the croup is the Mucoed Surinamese ("Oryzaephilus surinamensis" lat.). Dark brown in color, sometimes up to black and 2-3.5 mm long.

They don't care where to get divorced. So they appeared in your home, most likely from a store or market.

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But it is not a fact that they appeared there on their own. They feel great in elevators or granaries.

Watch the video, here you can watch the running bugs in the semolina.

The bug lays eggs that can be seen with the naked eye. Together with cereals, they undergo primary processing.

And then, already packed, along with rice, pasta, semolina and other cereals, go to our kitchen. However, if you think that by throwing away only a bag of cereals in which you found this pest, you got rid of it, then you are deeply mistaken.

This bug does not disdain not only all types of cereals, but also dried fruits, dry kvass, cookies, breadcrumbs.


Mucoed Surinamese

How to get rid of bugs in your rump

Defeating this little muco-eater infection is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The fact is that they lay their eggs in any places and are completely invisible.

You may not even see them on the package of spoiled cereals, where, after you shake it out, they continue to multiply. There is no effective way to get rid of brown bugs in the kitchen, but let's try to give you some tips.

You'll need

  • Disinfectant;
  • Glass jars with lids;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Muscat;
  • Garlic.

Below is a step by step guide to help you remove these parasites.

How to clean the kitchen sink - see here.


  1. All infected packages should be examined. Even if there are not many bugs, the cereals will have to be thrown away, since the eggs still remain. Look at flour, unopened bags, crackers, and in general all bread and cereal products. The favorite treat of these bugs is flour, so it's best to throw it away right away.
  2. Rinse the cabinets thoroughly with hot water and vinegar or domestos or any other disinfectant. For complete destruction, it is better to do this procedure several times. Cereals that have not been contaminated should be placed in plastic bags and put on the balcony for a couple of weeks or put in the refrigerator. After this time, making sure that bugs have not appeared, pour the cereals into a glass dish with lids. How to get rid of kitchen bugs? We've almost succeeded.

Advice! Solid containers, in order to avoid the appearance of larvae on the walls of the dishes, should be thoroughly washed at least once a month.

  1. Place bay leaves in cupboards, peel the garlic and place in the corners. Sprinkle the nutmeg on the adhesive plaster and also place in the corners of the cabinet.
how to remove bugs in the kitchen

Photo of bugs in semolina

Preventive measures

Suppose that you have destroyed the bugs and your cereals lay in the cold for the allotted time.

How to do so in order to avoid such surprises in the future?

  • Make bags of canvas material. Boil them in a strong salty solution for 30 minutes. Let cool also in the solution and only then squeeze the bags. Then dry them at room temperature and iron them with a hot iron. In the bags treated in this way with salt, the bugs will no longer start.
  • You can also bring bugs from the store, so after you have bought cereals it is best to place them in the freezer for a few days. It is better to store nuts and raisins in the refrigerator in general, and cereals in bags or glass jars. Getting rid of bugs in the kitchen is not as difficult a problem as it seems.


There is another type of harmful bugs that start in the kitchen. They are called grinders ("Anobiidae" lat.). Their head is shaped like a hood. Their body color, from dark yellow to brown. There are two types: brownie and bread.

how to get rid of bugs in the kitchen

Bread grinder

In our cities, as a rule, a grain grinder is started. It is smaller in size than the brownie and, in addition to wood, feeds on bread, breadcrumbs.

Can also lay eggs in books. Let's figure out how to remove bugs in the kitchen.

How to fight

  • Fill up all the wooden cracks - the floor, the window sill, the cracks in the kitchen furniture, in general, whatever you find.
  • Close all cereals hermetically. No bags, only dishes that are tightly sealed.
  • They love sweets and carbohydrates. All dried fruits are best kept in the refrigerator.
  • Place borax on the shelves, you can buy it at the pharmacy. But spraying with various chemicals is not the best way out.

Advice! Temperature attack doesn't work. Bugs can live and breed at temperatures ranging from minus 15 degrees to plus 50 degrees of heat.

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Food moth

One more problem. These, of course, are not bugs, but this attack starts very quickly and easily, and getting rid of is the same problem as with bugs.

how to get rid of kitchen bugs

The photographer took a clear photo - but this is not a butterfly

She gets to us in the same way as the ill-fated bugs. But they also fly. So, if you see larvae 1 cm long with a dark head, and besides, they are also flying, take urgent action!

Remedial measures

  1. Check all products. Those that have been opened - throw them away mercilessly.
  2. Kitchen cabinets and shelves should be thoroughly washed with soapy water and then with vinegar.

Advice! Do not forget about the cracks - moth larvae may well remain there.

  1. Ventilate the kitchen. It is advisable to leave the window open for 2-3 days. Then carefully inspect the entire room for new insects.
  1. Place traps on the shelves where you store food. You can put a clove of garlic in jars of flour and cereals. The price is small, but the effect is great. They are like vampires - they cannot stand the smell of garlic.
  1. Check the products carefully for the next 2-3 weeks before use.


Of course, all these bugs, moths are terribly unpleasant. However, there is no reason to contact specialized organizations.

By listening to our advice, you can expel these nasty insects from your kitchen with your own hands.

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