Onions: the secrets of growing a good and large harvest

  • Mar 03, 2021

Good afternoon, my reader. It is not difficult to grow good onions for a turnip: the culture does not require too careful care. It is better to plant sevok - small onions. The features of care are in the correct fit and simple further manipulations.

 Bow. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
Bow. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
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Variety selection

Mostly Dutch crossed varieties are planted, ideal for growing in the middle lane and northern regions. The crop grows and ripens quickly, it is stored for a long time. The bulbs ripen about 100 days after planting in the garden and reach a weight of 80 to 180 g. Most popular hybrids:

  • Stuttgarten Riesen;
  • Sturon;
  • Centurion;
  • Red Baron;
  • Stardust;
  • Bamberger;
  • Senshui.

Where and how to plant

You can prepare sevok yourself. To do this, in the first year, crop seeds are sown, from which small bulbs grow by the end of the season. In the second year, they are already planted on a turnip. Many summer residents buy ready-made sets.

Bow. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

Pre-planting procedures

The main pest of the plant is the onion fly. Attacks fresh plantings almost immediately. In order to protect the future harvest, the seedlings are treated with a special solution. Its smell repels insects. How to do:

  1. Sift two glasses of wood ash and, together with 20 g of tar soap shavings, stir in 5 liters of water.
  2. The bulbs are soaked in the prepared solution for half an hour.
  3. After they are immediately planted in the garden.

Suitable place in the garden

Onions grow well in areas where there is sufficient light. It is undesirable to plant it in heavy clay soil. The ideal soil is loose, crumbly, fertile. It is advisable to choose those places that were fertilized with compost in large quantities last season. Ideal predecessors:

  • cucumbers;
  • zucchini;
  • legumes.

How to plant correctly

Turnips weighing up to 80 g are planted at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Large varieties require more free space - 20-25 cm. A distance of 15-25 cm is left between the beds.

Sevok is dug into the ground so that the tip of the bulb sticks out slightly on the surface. It germinates within two weeks. When planting, it is worth looking at so as not to accidentally put the turnip with its tail down. In this case, it will germinate longer, the harvest will be smaller.

Planting care

Onion care consists in proper watering and timely feeding. They also resort to protective measures against onion flies.


At first, the onion is watered quite abundantly, but without overdoing it. Until the sprouts hatch, the soil is well soaked to a depth of 1 cm. The culture also does not like excessive moisture.

Bow. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

The beds are watered daily in dry weather or every other day at normal air humidity. As the greenery develops, the irrigation is reduced.

Top dressing

The plantings are fed every 15-20 days during watering. The first fertilizers are applied after the appearance of greenery. Add to water:

  • saltpeter and potassium chloride (1 tablespoon each);
  • superphosphate (2 tbsp. l.).

For 1 sq. m takes 10 liters of solution.

Onion fly protection

The next active pest attack after planting usually occurs in the middle of summer. To protect the crop, tobacco infusion is used.

Prepared from shag (200 g), you can take cigarette butts (500 g) or tobacco dust (200 g). Stir in water (5 liters) and leave for three days. The finished product is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Sprinkle greens and soil in the garden.

Many summer residents plant tobacco near onion beds. Such a neighborhood scares off the pest. For this, carrots and tomatoes are grown nearby.

Do you plant green onions in the country?

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