Pink tomatoes: the most delicious high-yielding varieties (hybrids)

  • Mar 03, 2021

Good afternoon, my reader. Pink tomatoes have gained popularity among gardeners due to their high yield, resistance to diseases and pests. In addition, these tomatoes have an excellent salad flavor. Fruits with a fleshy sugary pulp are used to prepare salads, culinary dishes and preparations for the winter.

 Pink tomatoes. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
Pink tomatoes. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
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Pink giant

Vigorous bushes of the Pink Giant in favorable conditions reach a height of 2.5-3 m. This tomato is suitable for cultivation in all types of soil. A popular plant forms fruits weighing 350-450 g. And in exceptional cases, there are copies from 500 to 700 g. 5-6 kg of tomatoes of excellent commercial quality are harvested from each bush.

Pink honey

This mid-season variety is grown in all types of soil. Low, slightly leafy plants rise to 0.8-1 m in height. Huge tomatoes (0.8-1.5 kg) are striking in their size.

Harvesting occurs at the end of summer (August), about 6-7 kg of tomatoes are harvested from each plant. Due to their large dimensions, they are used mainly for processing (juice, puree, paste).

Stellate sturgeon

An unpretentious domestic mid-season variety is highly resistant to many diseases. On bushes (1.5-2 m) large fruits weighing 0.7-1 kg are tied.

Pink tomatoes. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

The bright pink tomatoes have a characteristic aroma and a sugary, firm flesh. Purpose: preparation of fresh salads and processing (canning).


The variety of domestic selection is distinguished by early ripening and tall bushes (up to 2 m). The plant needs strong support and crown formation (removal of stepsons, lower leaves). Fruits with juicy, sugary pulp and sweet taste weigh 300-500 g each.

From each bush, 3-7 kg of tomatoes are removed, which are excellent for making lecho, adjika and various preservation.

Pink fig

Tall bushes of pink figs in temperate climates are planted in greenhouses (greenhouses). Vigorous plants of a mid-season variety reach up to 2.5-3 m in length. Slightly flattened, multifaceted fruits have a dense, sugary pulp and a sweetish taste.

Bright crimson tomatoes weigh from 450 to 800 g. The total yield from each plant is 7-8 kg.

Japanese truffle (pink)

The vigorous bushes of this hybrid in the middle lane are cultivated only in greenhouses. A plant of an average height (up to 1.5 m) forms fruits weighing 150-200 g. The commercial maturity of the Japanese truffle occurs 110-120 days after germination.

Due to the high yield, up to 6-7 kg of multi-purpose tomatoes are removed from one bush. When unripe, the Japanese truffle can be stored well and is suitable for transportation.

Pink tomatoes. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

Abakan pink

A vigorous variety with powerful bushes needs support and tying up not only stems, but also shoots. Bushes of the Abakansky pink variety in ideal conditions reach up to 2-2.5 m. The plant is resistant to diseases and pests.

Large fruits weighing about 500 g are collected in bunches of 5-6 pcs. The variety is famous for its long fruiting period. The Abakan pink tomato has a juicy, fleshy pulp with a characteristic aroma.

Thanks to their excellent taste, pink tomatoes remain unchanged leaders. In addition, their high yield plays an important role.

Do you plant pink tomatoes?

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