Advanced voltage relay RBUZ D2

  • Mar 15, 2021
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As promised, I'm talking about the RBUZ D2-63 voltage relay, for which I spent 3280 rubles, despite the fact that I already had the UZM-51M voltage relay installed.

Advanced voltage relay RBUZ D2

The main thing in our world is information.

Any working voltage relay turns off electrical appliances when the mains voltage goes out of range. Until the relay has tripped, it seems that only its main function is important - turning off electrical appliances to save them. But as soon as the relay works at least once, you understand that it is very important to know the reason why it worked. That is why I replaced the UZM with RBUZ - the latter has an event log, which shows the voltage at which the shutdown occurred.

This voltage relay is produced in Kiev under the name ZUBR, but in Russia there is a Zubr brand that produces tools, so for the Russian market the name was turned inside out and it turned out RBUZ.

There are three versions of RBUZ D2 - with an allowable current of 40, 50 and 63 amperes. The RBUZ D2-63 I bought is equipped with an 80 amp relay.

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RBUZ D2 has a white light indicator that constantly displays the mains voltage. It shows the voltage quite accurately - the discrepancy with the calibrated multimeter does not exceed 1 volt. In addition, the indicator is used to display menu items, text prompts and relay settings.
A separate green LED indicates the relay is energized and the load is energized.

There are also versions of RBUZ D2 RED with a red indicator, they are 150 rubles cheaper.

From my photos it may seem that the indicator is very dim and hard to distinguish, but it is not. In the dashboard, the voltage is clearly visible.

The operation is simple and logical: the i button opens the event log (the number of the event and the voltage when it happened is displayed). The + button allows you to set the upper voltage limit (by default 242 V), the - button enables the lower limit (198 V by default). The Ξ button opens a menu with six items.

There are two shutdown modes - normal and professional. In the second mode, the shutdown occurs with a delay, which, on the one hand, will not allow electrical appliances to fail, on the other hand, will not lead to unnecessary shutdowns. The delay time depends on the voltage.

Another thing done "smartly" is the ability to change the type of turn-on delay. In the first case, the delay is counted from the moment when the voltage returned to normal, in the second from the moment when the relay turned off. The second option is of course preferable.

By the way, the turn-on delay occurs both after a short voltage cut-off and after the first turn-on. The delay is needed to protect equipment with compressors (in everyday life, these are, first of all, refrigerators). However, many modern refrigerators have protection against quick restarting, if you have one, the delay can be set to a minimum (3 seconds).

There is built-in thermal protection and even monitoring of the health of the internal temperature sensor.

Everything in RBUZ D2 is made conveniently and logically, but there are also disadvantages:

- in the event log only trips are displayed when the voltage goes beyond the limits, and trips in the event of a power failure in the network are not displayed (therefore, if the electricity suddenly turned off, the time counts down on the RBUZ screen, and the log is empty, there was a short outage networks);

- there is no possibility to forcibly turn on or turn off the relay. When the countdown is running, you have to endure it until it ends;

- the time is not recorded in the event log (it is clear that this is difficult to do).

I made a short video demonstrating the operation of the relay and its settings (by the way, check out the new format). v = KrXU-qiVNMU

And here is a very detailed overview of RBUZ with "dismemberment": There is also a promo code for a 10% discount and an extended 10-year warranty. Actually, I bought RBUZ after reading this review.

Almost a year ago, the RBUZ MF2 device was announced, which combines a voltage relay and a current / power meter with the ability to turn off the relay when the specified consumption value is exceeded. At first they promised that it would start selling in the fall, then after the new year, but it still does not exist. However, there is RBUZ MF on sale, which is not so beautiful, occupies three modules, not two, but performs all these functions.

RBUZ D2-63 is one of the best and hassle-free voltage relays today. Its main advantages are the presence of an event log, displaying the mains voltage on the screen, flexible settings for shutdown modes.

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