Technology for growing juicy dill without umbrellas

  • Mar 15, 2021
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Good afternoon, my reader. In order to grow thick and juicy dill greens without umbrellas, you must follow the rules and try to apply certain technologies. In addition, the choice of dill variety will be important.

 Dill. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
Dill. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
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What to look for when choosing a dill variety

  • Read the instructions on the seed package carefully. It will necessarily say what the plant is intended for: for growing for greens or seeds;
  • choose mid-season varieties that produce a lot of greenery. Earlier hybrid varieties will bloom faster and release umbrellas;
  • the greatest amount of greenery will be produced by plants with a long vegetative period. The longer this period, the greater the yield you can get;
  • Despite the promises of manufacturers on the packaging, there is no such thing as dill without umbrellas, since umbrellas are a natural breeding method for plants.
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The varieties Alligator, Buyan, Salut and Amazon are considered the most suitable for growing dill greens. In the case of proper care and strict adherence to the method, any other hybrid varieties may be suitable.

What tricks to use when growing dill

  • Soak dill seeds in warm gauze for three days (with a temperature of up to 50 degrees). The gauze must be changed two to three times a day;
  • the emergence of shoots takes about 5 days. All this time, the seeds should be on damp gauze at a temperature of about 22 degrees, they should also be covered with a cloth or gauze on top;
  • after the seeds germinate, they are planted in bunches in the ground so that the bushes subsequently turn out to be denser, and do not grow upward, forming umbrellas. The sprouts should be planted shallowly into holes with a diameter of 10 centimeters, watered with sufficient water. Thanks to this, dill will be easier to germinate;
  • do not forget to huddle the plants after the final germination. This will promote the formation of a strong root system. Using organic fertilizers will help you grow more vigorously and produce juicy greens.

When planting plant shoots in open ground, take into account the air temperature, which should not be colder than 15 degrees (closer to the beginning of May or the end of April), depending on the climate. It is important to avoid frost damage that can damage the plants.

Dill. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©

If you plan to grow dill at room temperature, then it is better to do this no earlier than the end of February.

The advantages of this method of growing dill

  • Long absence of umbrellas and the presence of juicy greenery;
  • plants are less susceptible to the occurrence of fungus, infections and other diseases;
  • the method can be used on all types of dill. In some cases, umbrellas will appear a little earlier, despite this, the dill crop will be harvested several times.
Dill. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license ©
If you strictly follow these tips and planting rules, you can get an excellent harvest of juicy greens throughout the planting season. And closer to autumn, fragrant umbrellas will grow up, which can be used for pickling vegetables or growing dill next year.

Do you know how to properly care for dill?

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