When strawberry bushes are thrown away - the main signs

  • Apr 08, 2021
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Good afternoon, my reader. Strawberries belong to the list of quite whimsical berry crops. She needs competent regular care. Over time, the berries become smaller and smaller, lose their taste characteristics, and begin to become moldy. It is necessary to focus on different indicators, which make it possible to understand that this strawberry bush must be urgently dug up and planted with young seedlings.

 Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com
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Accounting for the cultivation period

On average, strawberries are grown in one place and actively bear fruit for 3-4 years. This indicator depends on the variety and the environment.

If the planting was carried out in the fall, then the first harvest is observed the next season. At the same time, it will be low, as the green mass is growing. The maximum number of berries is harvested in the second year, when the fruits are the largest and most juicy. If in the third year fruiting decreases, and the berries become small and ugly, then such bushes can already be uprooted.

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In a situation where three-year-old bushes remain lush, spreading, and fruiting has not decreased, they are left for another year, but then the plantings must be renewed.

Pick-up location

Strawberries need to correctly select a growing area. This crop reduces growth, develops poorly, does not give a good harvest in the shade.

Open sunny places are used for seedlings, preferably with a slight slope. Avoid lowlands or wetlands.

Pay attention to the predecessor plants. You cannot grow strawberry bushes if tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants grew in the beds in the previous season. The most preferred precursors are cereals, which are commonly grown as green manures.

The soil is chosen loose and nutritious. Light loamy, chernozemic or sandy loamy soils are suitable. Strawberries should not be placed in sod-podzolic soil, since plants grow poorly in such conditions and may even die. In the process of digging, the rhizomes of weeds are carefully selected, paying special attention to rapidly spreading perennials.

Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

Underground aquifers should not be too deep, as strawberries have a shallow root system. The place of planting of berry crops must be changed at intervals of 3-4 years. If you have to place it on an old bed, then compost is added before digging, and the soil is disinfected.


Even with the right choice of the site, the correct preparation of the soil, the organization of systematic care, you can observe poor fruiting. In such a situation, plants are carefully examined, because they can be infected with infections.

The main symptoms of such a problem:

  • dry berries;
  • rot or mold on the fruit;
  • whitish, gray, brown markings on the leaves;
  • premature yellowing of bushes.
Strawberry. Illustration for this article is used under a standard license © ofazende.com

The most common causes of disease development:

  • negative impact of the environment (a small number of sunny days, prolonged heavy rains, excessive air humidity);
  • transmission of diseases from plants planted nearby;
  • insufficient or incorrectly selected fertilizers;
  • excessive nitrogen application;
  • excessively dense plantings requiring mandatory thinning;
  • overgrowing of row spacings with weeds.

It is possible to effectively cure the affected strawberry bushes if you start using special drugs at the first symptoms. To reduce the risk of a rapid spread of infection, infected plants are dug up and burned. They must not be composted. The soil in the beds where diseased strawberry bushes were found is disinfected.

To obtain a stable, bountiful harvest of fragrant strawberries, it is important to grow them on a soil suitable for this crop. Bushes are dug in a timely manner, which reduce the rate of development and fruiting.

Do you know when strawberry bushes are thrown away?

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