Prices for power tools at OBI

  • Jun 20, 2022

In the comments to my post about the newly opened OBI stores, several people asked about the prices of power tools. Yesterday I ended up at OBI again (this time in the Aviapark) and looked at how much it costs.

Prices for power tools at OBI

There is currently no catalog and prices on the website and in the OBI application (only special offers). According to OBI employees, the site and application no longer belong to them, and in general OBI is now not quite a network - each store is now on its own.

At OBI, the date is written on the price tags, and if it is earlier than February 24, 2022, the product may be cheaper than the price at which everyone else is selling it now.

Here, for example, is a Black & Decker BCD7122CK screwdriver for 4499 rubles (price tag dated 01/19/2022). Everywhere it is now sold for 5000. Upd.: the price for Wildberries turned out to be much lower - 2796 rubles.

But there are few such products. Most of the items were re-priced at the beginning of March and their prices are almost the same as the prices in other places.

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Vacuum cleaner DCL180Z - 5199 rubles.

A set of a screwdriver, a vacuum cleaner, two batteries and a charger for 10990.


Screwdriver Bosch Go 2 - 3999 rubles (I wrote about it - a great thing!).

Other tools.



Relatively inexpensive perforators of Russian brands.

Not only in the tools department, but also in the garden equipment department, there are few goods with the "old" price, for sure, there are still other goods at the old prices in OBI.

Peace for everyone!

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