How do I use bank cards

  • Jun 25, 2022

Every bank dreams that customers use only their products, but I am the "wrong" customer. I now have 24 cards of different banks, while I carry five cards with me, and actively use three.

How do I use bank cards

I am sure that the situation when a person has only one bank card is inconvenient and dangerous. There are failures, sometimes all banks at the most important moment refuse to work with applications, even the card itself can physically deteriorate (I have had this happen twice already).

All my cards are free, I do not pay a penny for their maintenance, and all additional paid services are always disabled for me.

Now for most purchases I use the Sinara bank card (former SKB), as it gives 2% cashback in supermarkets, 3% in home goods stores (Leroy and others) and 5% for transport (from metro to taxi). The conditions for this card have become worse since this month, in order to receive an increased cashback, you need to spend 30% in categories without such a cashback.

For large purchases in many stores (Ozon, M.Video, Eldorado, OBI and many others), I use the Halva card (it gives 6% cashback in partner stores with a check amount of 10,000 rubles or more).

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I now carry the "Benefit" card of HomeCredit bank with me "just in case", but sometimes it gives 5% cashback in good categories.

I carry the City Select card of Citibank with me “by inertia”: it had a good cashback, but now “everything is broken”, but this is the only credit card that is always with me (suddenly needed).

I use the Tinkoff Black card as an "aggregator of all money". I transfer my salary to it from the Raiffeisen Bank card, from it I transfer money through the SBP to other cards, it saves me if I suddenly need cash (you can withdraw from it without commission from 100 to 500,000 rubles at Tinkoff ATMs, which are now many in Moscow, as well as from 3,000 to 100,000 rubles at ATMs other banks and at the cash desks of shops), from it I send money to other people via SBP or "from card to card" if they have Sberbank with SBP disabled by default and I can’t persuade them to turn it on, I put cash on it if necessary (usually through Tinkoff ATMs, but you can do this through MKB terminals or Eleksnet).

I use the Tinkoff card for purchases only when they "give" good cashback categories (they change once a month). In June, my categories are as follows. Pharmacies may well come in handy, but have not yet used or even selected categories.

But I use it to pay for the garage, cottages and utilities, but there is a trick with utilities. Although I pay through Tinkov's Internet bank, for payment I use a Russian Standard bank card, which gives 5% cashback.

I repeat, I am not a regular card user, many use the same Tinkoff Black as the main card for of all purchases, receiving 1% cashback on all purchases, 5% in selected categories and even more in partner stores.

Now there are a few days left before the end of the promotion, according to which the maintenance of the Tinkoff Black card will always be free (for complete free of charge, do not forget to turn off paid SMS notifications).

Surely you are annoyed by the advertisement of Tinkoff Bank "from every iron." But this is the rare case when what is actively advertised is really useful. And now is the exact moment when you should order a free card if you still don’t have one (the promotion ends on 06/30/2022).

I will be grateful if you issue a card by my link. In this case, you will not only get a really useful card with free maintenance, but also support my projects (I spend bonuses on equipment and devices for tests and reviews).

Finally link to all Tinkoff products (cards, mobile communications, insurance, deposits and loans, you will receive different bonuses for each product).

Peace for everyone!

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