I enjoyed going to the Geek Picnic 2022 festival

  • Aug 03, 2022

The Geek Picnic festival, as the name suggests, is aimed at people interested in modern technology, however, for many, this festival has long become a family vacation destination.

I enjoyed going to the Geek Picnic 2022 festival

At the festival, you can always see a lot of different robots, get acquainted with the developments of startups and technical universities, experience virtual reality, and just look at the many beautiful cosplayer girls.

I enjoyed going to the Geek Picnic 2022 festival

On the central square there was a huge turtle on wheels, "on board" of which everyone could go.

An unmanned search engine robot tried to roll across the lawn, but the children continuously scared it. :)

In the steampunk tent, they demonstrated and sold the corresponding paraphernalia.

They also served drinks with dry ice for any donat.

The angel robot spread its wings to those who answered three questions correctly.

Professor Nicolas showed entertaining chemical and physical experiments.

Robot Alex pretended to be a fisherman, and a big sad robot fish swam nearby in an aquarium.

The Yandex Museum entertained numerous children and not-so-children with retrocomputer games.

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There was also a place for BKshka (nothing is visible on the screens due to the sweep and too short shutter speed of my camera).

Demonstrated unusual electric transport. The self-propelled sofa conquered everyone! :)

The wooden electric scooter is also beautiful.

Of course there was a lot of virtual reality.

And this time there were a lot of lecture halls at the festival. Lectures on various topics (from space to electronic music) were held simultaneously in two dozen tents.

I decided to divide the story about the festival into two parts. In the second part I will talk about chipping, a non-invasive blood glucose tester, a device that relieves muscle pain, radars for the elderly, testing for vitamin deficiency, a shop made of plastic caps, a Yandex robot and more interesting.

Thank you LiveJournal for the invitation!

To be continued.

Peace for everyone!

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