Common mistakes people make when choosing plastic windows: Avoiding

  • Dec 24, 2019

What associations you have is the word "repair"? - For the majority it is a whole list of problems and obstacles which have to go through their own money.

When purchasing new windows, one hopes that they will last as long as possible and does not require additional investments. However, the installation is not always successful and smooth.

If you want to install windows that will last for decades and does not deliver further ado, we advise from the outset carefully approach the selection of material and installer companies. We prilasili experts company "Moscow Windows", so they told how the most painless way to go through renovations, particularly for glazing of balconies / loggias or replacement of windows and helped us compile a list of the most common mistakes buyers.

Error №1 - unprofessional installation

Very often, customers are trying to save money and not immersed in the details of the purchase and installation of windows. Meanwhile, neglect the slightest detail could threaten the comfort and even health. In addition, poor quality or improperly installed windows will soon require repair or replacement - as you know, avaricious pays twice.


The main problem, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences - is the wrong installation, can spoil even the most high-quality windows. Often the desire to save the windows buyers are trying to establish their own, turning to friends or to private masters.

Unfortunately, often these experts are not quite competent and can not be taken into account when installing all the nuances and regulatory standards. Made during installation errors are not always visible at first sight, but in the course of operation are felt. For example, after some time it found that the window does not provide the necessary heat and sound insulation, and the mechanism starts to wear out quickly.

Error №2 - the absence of guarantees

Of course, if the window is set by professionals, the minimum error or the latent threat of the factory marriage is still there. However, the installation of windows in good faith the company is required to provide a guarantee in the case of any trouble free and quickly repair the window or replace the faulty or defective details.


Sometimes subsequent adjustment is required, and after correct installation windows. For example, if the window is the beginning of a loosely fit the frame or sash began to sink hard. In these cases, the company that installed windows, is also ready fast and free to adjust it.

On a note: To the window served for a long time and did not require an early and costly repairs, installation is recommended to professionals and be sure to enter into a formal agreement confirming warranty commitments.

Often buyers make mistakes at the stage of the acquisition window. In order not to miscalculate the purchase, we must first understand what is in the window.

Error №3 - think only about the profile

Often customers are primarily interested in the quality of the profile. Many at the hearing world famous manufacturers that are credible. Of course, the profile - this is an important part of the window, however, is not the only one.


Thus, a large window area occupies glazing. It depends on him, how well the window protects against cold and noise. If the quality profile is set wrong or poor-quality glazing, window leaks and will not cope with their core functions.

Today there are different types of glass (energy-saving, reflecting the sun's rays). Specialist will help you choose the most suitable option, depending on the location of the window. Themselves windows almost do not break; they can only develop leaks or broken. The largest companies in the installation of windows offer a lifetime warranty and are ready to change the free glazing without clarifying the reasons for failure.

In addition to the profile and glass unit deserves special attention window fittings. At first glance it may seem a minor component of the window. In fact, it depends on the quality of fittings, would not hang out the window sash, would not jam the mechanism to open and close, if not start prematurely wear out the window. In other words, ill-chosen accessories can even ruin a quality window.

Another component, which determines the thermal insulation and protection against noise, - a rubber seal mounted on the perimeter of the window. Often customers do not think of it as. Meanwhile, it depends on the tightness of the window, and it also is not worth saving.

On a note: When choosing plastic windows need to pay attention to the quality of all the key components of the windows and consult with professionals. If you order a window with installation and warranty, the company profitable for you to pick the best components that then did not have to redo it.

When buying plastic windows consumers are faced with a mass of pitfalls. At the same time, if you carefully approach the selection of materials and installer companies can protect themselves not only from premature breakage of windows, but also on the unpredictable costs of installation time. All tasks of installation prescribed in the contract, and, if necessary, you can pre-order additional services (for example, removal of debris remaining after the dismantling of old windows and installing new ones).

If you have purchased a high-quality windows, and installed the competent specialists, you can be assured that they will last you for years to come. However, to extend the life of windows, it is recommended to look after them. The annual adjustment and prevention protect hardware and minimizes the risk of breakage.