There is no need to clean zabivshiysya siphon directly connected. Experiment

  • Dec 24, 2019
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Tired of periodically clean the conventional siphon with a hydraulic lock from dirt and grease. I started looking for information about which traps are deprived of many of the disadvantages over conventional water seal. And I found his name DRY TRAP it unpleasant gases overlapping function of sewage carries a special membrane.

But first it is necessary to recall how the conventional "wet" siphon

But such devices have a number of disadvantages:

  • Grease and dirt are deposited on the walls of the siphon due to its design.
  • When negative pressure air into the sewer pipes and fluid is drawn into the room odors flock.
  • Siphon fails in winter due to freezing of water in unheated areas, such as in the country.
  • Develop pathogenic flora in the warmth and dampness due to this cause odors will annoy the owners of apartments.

At siphon dry have these disadvantages not unnecessarily retains water in its structure, respectively, there is nothing to freeze without bacteria develop under air vacuum exists in the membrane tubes is opened and starts the air pipe, and then closed.

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But this trap has 2 disadvantages. Price, more than 1,000 rubles, and the lack of commercially available in many plumbing stores.

After some thought decided to self-produce the device with your hands. But in the first case I have something went wrong. I wanted to use a siphon for urinal removing internal partitions. A membrane instead apply heat shrinkage of 50 mm in diameter. This option was not working for some reason.

failed experiment
failed experiment

But I did not stop, went to the store for the sale of beads and bought some of them, one of them will perform the release function

I byyla tube system from the corrugations 30 mm in diameter. Her dress our ball.

The tip of the ball must be cut in order for the flow of liquid therefrom. The principle of operation will be clear in the video at the end.

I then slice with a scoop tube inserted into the old corrugated.

It only remains to connect the corrugation and testing.

Now it looks so-

The operating principle of a self-made device, you can watch the video filmed just for you.

Liquid flowing through the rubber ball by the surface tension of water "glues" bulb wall. Thus the gases are not prnikayut inside.

Disadvantages of my design: It is not known how long an RTI - ball. I do not pretend to "Perfection designs" But why not? Food for your mind... The author is not responsible for your actions, information is given for informational purposes only.

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