Why did I start to freeze cheese and how to then use. I share my life hacking

  • Dec 24, 2019

Likely, many housewives, as well as, in fact, I'm stocking up on food at once for a week, since such foresight saves a lot of time, eliminating the need for daily shopping trips. Among the main shopping a good cheese is always present in my list, because it is a treat I love since childhood.

But I think, you know, it's worth it to lie down for several days in the refrigerator, the product loses its original flavor and appearance, so eating it, with former hunting no longer want.

Before, I often threw such residues, because unappetizing bits just lie around and even covered with mold, but now I come up with a more rational way of using cheese "tails", which I want to share with you in this article.

So, recently stale cheese I began to rub on a grater, Placed in a plastic bag and store in the freezer. Thus it can be stored for a long time, and most importantly - the product retains its original taste of this.

I use a blank in the process of preparation of various casseroles, hot sandwiches or just sprinkle ready-grated cheese homemade pizza - in the freezer, he absolutely did not stick together and acts as a perfect "Topping".

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To such a "semi-finished" occupied less spaceI spread it in a thin layer package that easily fits on any shelf of the freezer.

Before use, you just break off from this layer of cheese, the desired size, slice, and the rest sent back to freezing.

By the way, another advantage of the frozen cheese isThat there is no need to rub it every time anew, thus dirtying grater - that's you and a couple of minutes for her money will be saved.

So, if your refrigerator regularly appears stale cheese "resident", now you certainly will to know how to save him - just float arm and the usual package - in this case they will be your best helpers!

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