On the advice of friends start every day there are buds dry cloves. Useful properties of plants

  • Dec 24, 2019

I think all the hosts are aware of such spices as cloves. It sold it in the form of the dried unopened flower buds of a tropical allspice and is often used in cooking. Few people know that this spice is known not only for its fragrant aroma and pungent taste, but also healing propertiesThanks to what is used in the recipes of traditional medicine.

I, by the way, cured this seasoning sore throatBy simply chewing a few unopened buds of clove. In some cases, you can apply the clove and how the unique properties it has, I will tell in this article.

Most often my eyes come across a recommendation the use of cloves as a medicine against the worms. As a preventive measure you can chew a couple of buds for 30 minutes before a meal, as this method will help to get rid of these unwanted "guests", if they are already plagued body. Cloves are known to be afraid of virtually all bacteria.

Stomatitis, gum disease and throat - the indications for which the cloves can also benefit. Just chew dried buds several times a day and the unpleasant symptoms of these diseases disappear quickly.

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Digestive problems and gastrointestinal work too quickly solved if before a meal to eat a spoonful of honey with two buds of cloves. However, it should be borne in mind that people suffering from ulcers and high blood pressure, this method of treatment is contraindicated.

In oncology carnation will help to slow the development of cancer cells and prevent further emergence of new - all thanks to the fact that it is composed of eugenol substance.

gipotonikamLike anyone else, it is useful to have around stock clove buds, because enough to chew a couple of them, as a low pressure immediately normalized and regular dizzy with time stop.

As you can see, cloves - not only a popular condiment, but also an effective remedy for many ills, the one that, on occasion, be sure to use her healing powers!

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