A neighbor asked to connect the washing machine to hot water instead of cold. The result of lamentable.

  • Dec 24, 2019

Most modern washing machines connected to the cold water supply. This is due to the fact that "stiralok" has electric heating spirals for heating water. Thus, the internal computer controls the washing process, monitors the programs laid down.


But my neighbor decided to save on electricity and plugged asked "elektrotsentrifugu" to hot water contrary to the instructions, which clearly stated that the washing machine must be connected only to a cold water. I had to connect it a trifling matter, it is said done for me. Especially paid. By the way here's her reasoning why she wanted to do so.

  1. Conserving power by using the central hot water supply.

But in fact, with her words, a washing machine in the first week itself and the country was washed things for two hours on the "quick wash". On the second week stiralka broke down. As a result, she passed it under warranty, the store had to give a new neighbor stiralku broken together Korean unnecessarily it crashed computer from the action Russian ladies.

The new "Automatic" it had already requested to connect to the cold water that has been done. The question - "What's not to hot" - She said a few arguments with the use of hot water instead of cold:

  • White things become yellowish due to the mixing of the hidden. water in the hot water.
  • Many stains of protein origin poorly satisfied with this content
  • Saving for a week on electricity is not so great, it is almost not noticeable.
  • After washing things much sit unnecessarily to rinse with hot water.
  • Spoil things, shed and covered with pellets.

My neighbor was lucky, the store did not notice a dirty trick. The main thing when you install any equipment Read the instructions!

 Finally here's a cat from her apartment.
Finally here's a cat from her apartment.
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