Bath 15 000 rubles from slabs and boards: fast and cheap

  • Dec 24, 2019

Bath of logs or lumber to build a long and expensive. And so you want to have on site a steam room, where we could relax at any time. The desire may well become a reality, because there is an option bathhouse that was built of planks.

Installation of such a construction will not take a lot of time and does not hit your wallet. For a month you will be able to build on a plot at the bathhouse for 15 thousand rubles without hassle.

This steam can be used at any time of the year. This is not a summer room, and a full sauna, a low price. It serves such a steam room 40, or even 50 years. The board, in contrast to the logs, dry faster.

Important in the process of building to do everything according to instructions. If you ever need to transport the bath to another location, do not worry, plank sauna light, so move it will not be difficult.

Construction technology is somewhat similar to the construction of the carcass baths, paneled CAP. Only instead of OSB boards will be used. A disadvantage of such a bath is rotting, deformation, cracks coating (as well as in the log saunas and saunas of timber). But the main advantage is the absence of shrinkage.

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Another indisputable advantage: the ability to mount any type of foundation. Since plank bath weighs a bit, for it will approach and tape, and columnar foundations. You can even mount the base of the b / a sleeper. This further save you money.

For timber frame construction is needed 50x100 mm or more. For skin suit made of pine boards, spruce and larch. Unfortunately, as a vapor barrier material into a pair can not be used ruberoidnyj material or roofing felt. They will evaporate harmful compounds when heated. It is best to use a foil vapor barrier. It will keep the heat and do not miss the steam into the interior trim.

Mount frame is necessary to the uprights, fixed to the bottom banding bar. Attach necessary with metal parts. Keep between strut width suitable to the size of the heat-insulating material (e.g., mineral wool 50 mm thick).

The foam and fiberglass insulation used as it is impossible, since they emit noxious fumes and increase the risk of fire.

Inside the bath can be clad with plywood or paneling. If you plan to use the boards, do not forget about a layer vapor barrier and waterproofing, to avoid condensate collection and steam to escape.

To use the ceiling joists and thinner board (20 cm). On board pour sawdust (20 cm) and clay (10 cm). The roof of any suitable, fit your preferences and budget.