Correct height ceilings in the bath Tips on building

  • Dec 24, 2019

Self-construction of a bath - a feat. This room definitely cater to all your needs. But in the construction, you may encounter some problems, for example, by measuring the height of the ceiling in the steam room.

What height is considered to be optimal, whether to make a very high or very low ceilings, how to calculate the correct height? All these and other questions will try to answer in this article.

optimal parameters

Ceiling height in the steam will depend on the type of construction of the bath, which you have chosen for construction. Do you prefer the classic Russian style bath in the sauna or with electric heater? With this it is important to decide even at the planning stage, because the structure of such complexes is different (and thus the height of the ceilings, too).

If you prefer a traditional building, then try to trim the height of the ceiling, based on the number of family members. It is also important here to take into account their own capabilities, and potential guests in your steam bath. Little guys do not accommodate more than 6 people.

Experts recommend the following standards:

  • The distance from the top flange to the ceiling - 100-120 cm;
  • The height of the pair of floor-to-ceiling part - at least 220 cm.

This is the best option. In such a bath fit enough number of people, even if you suddenly descend from distant relatives edges. In such a bathhouse, of course, the races are not staged, but fairly propoteesh.

Calculation of the distance from floor to ceiling

The famous Soviet engineer dei Priori argued that the most successful of the ceiling height in the steam room is the mark of 310 cm. This was considered a standard size, so that a large part of the Soviet bathhouses erected to these calculations.

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Fair to say that these figures are close to the truth. Imagine that you have built a sauna in which the distance from the floor to the ceiling surface are not equal to 310 cm and 220 cm. Already after the first use of the steam room, you will notice a significant drawbacks of this design:

  • In such a bath with a broom is not pomashesh, he will continue to bump up against the ceiling and thus annoy you;
  • Low height provokes a rapid dissipation of steam. After two or three strokes of a broom from the steam will be over;
  • You splash water on the rocks on a regular basis, but couples still scattered in 5 minutes. It's simple: the higher the ceiling are located, the more vapor steam room accommodates. Of course, in a more spacious bath steam will linger longer.

Analyzing all of the above - do not sacrifice their own needs and comfort for small savings. Choose the best for yourself ceiling height. Start from 3 meters - and this option will retain heat longer and will give space to swing a broom.