Own hands: a warm floor in the bath on the stove

  • Dec 24, 2019

Warm floors in our time can be found in almost any apartment or private house. They are usually mounted in the bathroom, the bedroom or the bathroom. But is it possible to build such a structure in the bath, so that it works from the bathhouse stove? The answer is simple: yes. This system has long been widely used in the construction of the sauna.

Nuances floor heating in bath

Since the heated floors in the bath for many still a novelty, we will give some recommendations that should take into account during installation.

The design of floors

Most experts agree that the concrete screed in this case would be the best option to tide the floor in the steam room. In concrete screed has several important advantages:

  • increased resistance to moisture;
  • easy installation;
  • low cost.

I have such a floor, and some disadvantages:

  • any failure in the system can be solved only through the full dismantling of the floor;
  • difficult to locate the place of the accident exactly.
You can use concrete instead of wood. But in this case, the holes in the joists to think in advance to arrange all the necessary communications in the future without any problems.
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thermal insulation

To heat does not go nowhere, it is necessary to insulate the floor structure. Normally used for the floor insulation polystyrene blocks. Gutters allow to make installation fast and without difficulties and a special coating will reflect heat into the room.

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When mounting, consider the following:

  • Any irregularities, distortions and defects can be ignored if the pre-render rough screed;
  • Necessarily need waterproofing. It will protect the structure from the accumulation of condensation;
  • To protect the insulation, use reinforced mesh;
  • Place the heating circuit "snail";
  • The slope for drainage must be mounted in finishing screed. Monitor its level.

floor laying

Construction of underfloor heating in the bath is almost identical to the same process in a house or apartment, but has its own featuresThat need to be taken into account:

  • If you decide to equip a warm floor in the old bath, then you need to start to remove the old paint and make the pit. Foundation pit should be at 70 cm below the clean floor boundary;
  • And the foundation and the bottom of the pit to protect the waterproofing coating (e.g., roofing material 2 layers);
  • Pour sand and seal it. Shortbread substrate must be thick 50 cm;
  • Re-lay roofing felt;
  • Mount the septic tank;
  • Begin roughing screed assembly 10 cm thick. Once the screed is ready, you will need to lay another layer of waterproofing;
  • Place the heater and reinforcing mesh;
  • Installation can proceed to pipelines which are laid "snake";
  • Pour the screed and finish lay the decorative coating