How to make a gable roof for bath: expert advice

  • Dec 24, 2019

Roof for a bath it's best to do a gable. This is due to several reasons, making gable scheme advantageous embodiment.

The advantages of a gable roof

Gable roof has two inclined planes, which roll down precipitation - rain and snow. This absolute advantage pitched roof in front of the flat, because the past is necessary and seal the more thoroughly and make stronger, that they withstood the entire thickness of the snow cover.

This type of roof optimal ratio of performance and ease of construction. On the small and medium-bath truss system does not have much weight and is constructed easily.

In the space under the ridge can be arranged attic for all things, and it is possible to make high ceiling under the roof.
In the space under the ridge can be arranged attic for all things, and it is possible to make high ceiling under the roof.

The correct truss system

To the roof stood baths century, the carrier elements have to be installed correctly. The lower part of the rafters should be based on mauerlat - wooden beams on the perimeter of the structure. For log cabins and baths chopped the role played by the upper crown for brick and aerated concrete mauerlat Laying nets laid on and fastened by pins or anchors.

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The optimum tilt angle trusses - 45 degrees to the base. Then the snow will descend, and on the rafters load is moderate.


Thermal insulation of a roof bath - an important point, otherwise condensation under the metal roof is provided. In addition, without insulation in the winter through the roof will go off a lot of heat - furnace "is not to heat." To do the right thing, obey prioritization process.

Step 1. On top of the rafters fastened waterproofing. This membrane, it prevents the penetration of the water heater, but it does not prevent the exit of vapor molecules that are smaller in size. The rolls are rolled along the ridge, starting from the bottom of the ramp.

To secure the rafters using the staple gun. Ridged canvas is rolled out so that on both sides were equal overhangs. Top film along the rafters nailed crate.

Step 2. The inside between the rafters stacked mats mineral wool insulation. If step corresponds to the rafters of the mat width, due to the elastic force of any fasteners is not necessary, otherwise we will have to knock out the mats rivers to the rafters.

Step 3. From inside the vapor barrier film is mounted. Can be rolled coil from the bottom or the top, the big difference here is not, as all joints are carefully glued bilateral adhesive tape.


After the cake is ready for roofing, in the longitudinal crate stuffed transverse counter-sheathing. It is mounted on the roof covering. Bath is not the place of permanent residence, so it can be safely cover floorings, not paying attention to the sound of rain on the roof at the time of the drops. also coating sheets stacked from bottom to top and fastened with galvanized screws press neoprene washers.

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