They do not like eggplant 7 categorical "no" in the cultivation of eggplant

  • Dec 24, 2019

Do you like eggplant? I can not imagine myself without them, so every year I grow eggplant in the garden. Over the years I accumulated a lot of experience in this business. I want to tell you about errors that are often allowed for growing eggplants.

Errors in growing aubergines

What can I say, me and most at the beginning of my way gardener was not able to avoid them. So I want to share their experiences and talk about how to grow eggplant correctly and get high yields.

swordplay seedlings

After hearing once "smart" tips, I decided to try to grow seedlings dive. And in vain! In that year, we had just enough crops for food, not to mention the winter harvesting.

Seedlings of eggplant. / Photo of the author /
Seedlings of eggplant. / Photo of the author /

Harmful to plant neighbors

Did you know that the eggplant and tomatoes are closely related? But in spite of the general family tree, it's bad neighbors for each other. They eat the same pests, they have completely different requirements to the sun and watering.

And they begin to frantically compete for nutrients in the soil!

Eggplants and tomatoes on adjacent beds. / Photo of the author /
Eggplants and tomatoes on adjacent beds. / Photo of the author /
Of course, people with agro-technical education will find an approach and come up with a way out, but tomatoes and eggplants do not get along, even at the stage of seedling!

forget to feed

Plants very seriously perceive the deficiency or excess of any substance. For example, nitrogen. Overabundance leads to increased formation of leaves and the accumulation of nitrates in fruits and deficit have a negative impact on the size of vegetables.

  • Ideal feed the plants 3-4 times per season.
  • Eggplant, except nitrogen fertilizers, compost is highly respected, and the infusion of mullein.
  • Sometimes around the plants (especially in the cold) it is necessary to scatter the charcoal or ashes from the stove.

Do not loosen

Earth must "breathe"! At the roots of eggplant are located rather superficially and deepen more than 5-6 cm is not recommended. After gently proryhlit watering, the roots and received water and air.

Mulch the cut grass in the garden with eggplant. / Photo of the author /
Mulch the cut grass in the garden with eggplant. / Photo of the author /

If you can not devote enough time to loosening, just carefully Zamulchiruyte bed of eggplant.

Do not pinch

It is said that eggplant is not stepson. I tried, the result was disappointing. Therefore, let me remind you that when the plant begins to branch out, leaving 3-4 escape.

Possible, but if you are in the region for the summer promises a warm and sunny weather!

Ignore the rules of hygiene

Remember, on a healthy plant does not have to remain extra leaves!

Bed with eggplant. / Photo of the author /
Bed with eggplant. / Photo of the author /

We remove everything that has dried up, sick or in contact with the ground. Otherwise, developing a favorable environment for the development of unpleasant infections and even mold. Clean fruit need with scissors or pruners. Carefully cut off the leg, and not break off!

wrong watering

The root system is poorly developed, roots slowly transported by water, so plants need a lot of water, but do not overdo it!

The main set of rules competent watering eggplant:

  • Planting the wells, heavily moistened with water. For the first time we pour in 4-5 days after planting.
  • In the heat watered about every 2-4 days (depending on the degree of heat), and the cool and cloudy weather will be enough once a week.
  • Vodicka should be warm, about 25 degrees, otherwise we will delay flowering.
  • Watering in the morning, and by the roots, without wetting the leaves.

By following these simple rules, you will get a gorgeous harvest, rolled up tasty snacks for the winter and will remember me with kind words. Please, who is not a burden, for sale, Like (thumbs up) and Share a note with their friends on social networks. And all those who have not yet signed to channel "4 SEASON Ogo"We invite - Subscribe! We are glad to see you! :)

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