Screwdriver of "Traffic light" for 870 rubles surprised. I'll go buy a second

  • Dec 24, 2019

I do not like to visit the online store "Traffic Light" because of the low quality of many products, this conclusion was made after the products purchased in this store were simply inedible for my family. But by chance, to pass the time while the car is repaired when (and auto repair shop are nearby), I decided to look into it.

Walking around the store stumbled upon a box with cheap "Shura". I was surprised by the fact that the proposed lithium-ion battery as a power source for 876 rubles, in fact it is cheap, even too much. Battery boxes was not, apparently, some unscrupulous "natives" fasten them "feet" so they were given at the checkout.

I decided to take the risk and spend "deshmansky Shura" for little money. So what we got for that amount:

  1. screwdriver body
  2. Batteries 12-volt
  3. charging
  4. Trash. Instruction in Russian and a box

The warranty on this product is covered by only two weeks for the check, according to the seller.

Until the time has expired warranty decided to check for wear screwdriver. Namely pozakruchivat screws into pine board on one charge of the battery without interruption.

The process of tightening the 50 mm screws in the board decided to record on video:

Roller did not shortened with the aid of mounting to the skeptics suddenly thought that I change the batteries and do some manipulation to promote the product. On my part, there is not any advertising, respond to their readers as it is and I am writing. But after this test for screwdrivers, I was surprised to see the result:

For half an hour managed to tighten the screws on the 175 50mm and three self-tapping screws at 100 mm. And it's all on a single charge. The last time I felt Shura "Kolner " because he died on the 20 screws.

A little thought, decided to buy a second the same Shura. Thus I will have two interchangeable Batteries, one in charge, the second work. Two chargers. Two screwdrivers body pretty good.

Well, I ran for the second Shurik has not yet dismantled all of them, well, in the next article make out the body screwdriver and check the gears, all of a sudden they're plastic and see what lay in batteries clip. The article will be released tomorrow, I promise.

I hope you were wondering, dear reader. Checkin Like at my article, so I know what is useful for you.