Beautiful room flower that blooms almost all year round and will attract into your house a lot of luck and happiness (Part 3)

  • Dec 24, 2019

Perennial shrub, pachystachys, for many years decorate their "yellow ears" luxurious interior of the villa, the theater lobby and burns on the window sills modest dwellings. A native of the tropical climate, with proper care, grows and blooms all year round.

Sustainable conviction florists, the "golden spike" colonizers brought to Europe from the subtropical areas of India. But in the wild this species and today can be found on the coast of Australia, where it is called the "golden shrimp", and in the rain forests of Central and South America.

Growing pachystachys at home

Pachystachys credited with the ability to fill the surrounding space with positive energy, improve the psychological climate, contribute to the successful achievement of the goals.

When creating a favorable microclimate native of the tropics will delight unusual exotic view throughout the year. After pachystachys blooms almost all year round - from February to October, with a short break to rest.

Propagated by seeds pachystachys that is extremely rare, and semilignified rooting cuttings. You can buy ready-made seedling in the garden center.

Cultivar loves enough lighted place, but protected from direct midday sunlight.

The most preferred is east or west window. Categorically not tolerate drafts.

Transplant pachystachys first 3-4 years is carried out annually in the future once in 2-3 years, not much destroying the earth com.

The plant needs regular watering. Not allowed as the drying out of the soil and stagnant water. Feeding is carried out once every 7-10 days. For this approach offers garden shopping complex compositions for flowering houseplants. Dilute nutrient solution, following the instructions. We consider that the inflorescences are formed only on new shoots!