How to completely get rid of the musty smell in the house and in the country

  • Dec 24, 2019

It happens that the beginning of the villa-garden season is necessary to solve the strangest questions. One such issue sometimes becomes eliminate musty smell at home. Agree that the winter stood in splendid isolation structure meets their owners returned no scent of roses or lilies, as something quite the opposite.

I have no such problem (just because the house with slits through which blows all), but the relationship often complained. In recent years I ceased to worry, because it has found good ways to combat this nuisance.

Simple version of escape from an unpleasant aroma

The most logical thing you can do in this situation - to arrange a big airing.

If this is not much help, try to light the fire, if it is. The smell of burning tar fireplaces gently removes unpleasant odors and helps to dry the house.

Stove or fireplace, of course there is not in every home, but matches and the paper is easy to find everywhere. Burning paper is also good at helping in the fight against musty.

option is more difficult

If the easy way does not work, you should dig a little deeper and make cleaning. A good cleaning, with adjustment KAMAZ garbage. Frankly, it should have been done prior to the conservation of the house for the winter. But apparently, not yet. Dress gloves, take a large trash bag and go! Scraps of rags, remnants of leaves, old seeds, the things that should have been thrown out five years ago, is not looking to dump the bag and send it solemnly with her husband in the trash.

Now is the time to arrange a home aromatherapy. To do this, perfectly suited orange and cloves. Bright fruit spiked with seasoning and arrange around the house. The delicate fragrance will quickly spread throughout the room and away vypihnet vonyuchevatost. Besides tempting orange colors will delight all households.

In the fight against bad smell great help coffee. All you need to lightly fry it in a pan, and tart flavor quickly interrupt odor and It attracts all home for a pleasant coffee-or tea with delicious, fragrant rolls, bought in the morning early.

Good help and bags of herbs - mint, lavender, dill. That's just take care of these bags had last summer.

It is said that a good solution will be Chinese aromatic sticks, but as for me, they are too fragrant.

It is difficult, but is available

Complex version is used for houses, stood a long time without the beneficial influence of man. Dampness can penetrate into the pillows, mattresses, blankets, rugs, curtains, wooden wardrobes and bedside tables.

All this should be perestirat, washed, dried, calcined in the sun, shake. Conventional assistants are excellent permanganic acid, vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. Over the past two means vouch - very often used in the home.

All items from the mold without regret discarded.

When all is absolutely bad

Prior to that, my friend did not reach. Fortunately!

Deodorization service to help you. But this did not reach up to one of my friends.

And the general rule - more often cook at home, dry it, and all who are in it things.