I disassembled screwdriver for 870 rubles from the "Traffic light". Now I have two pieces

  • Dec 24, 2019
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In my head marketers delayed information that a good tool can not be cheap. Here and this time bought in the shop - warehouse "Traffic Light" for 870 rubles a screwdriver for anything especially did not expect. Especially warranty TSV-1201 was only two weeks from the date of purchase. Once such a small guarantee has decided that the BC (screwdriver) put to the test - tighten the screws of 50 mm in pine board on one charge.

Surprisingly cheap Shura managed to tighten on a single charge of 175 self-tapping screws, as I said in the previous article. By the way after the test with flying colors aged by this unit, it was decided to buy a second, and I did it. In order to have a complete two batteries.

Today, I'm interested in the insides of the machine, for sure it shoved the plastic gears, and my Shurik soon come quick end, what we now know it, to understand.

Unscrew the screws and remove the two bracket near the battery compartment

After opening before us is the inner world of "sleaze". Options like many members of this class of instruments: Keyless chuck, gearbox with one speed, with speed control button, the engine.

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For those who are concerned labeling, buttons and photo close-up of the engine. Also section of the power cable, for particularly fastidious. Gallery can scroll through.

We find out what it is made of the gearbox, to my surprise clip and gears are made of metal! After tightening of more than 1700 screws on their wear was not observed. By the way lubrication is small, we need more smazki- allusion to one of YouTube bloggers. All photos associated with gear as well in the gallery.

I found out that the gears are made of pressed rice Chinese and this is important. I think that the gearbox still serve.

It remains only to find out what food items contained in the BC case. To do this, remove the sticker and find below the three screws under the special pentahedron. Gallery of photos from the scrolls.

Before our eyes appear elements 18650, with the stated 1.3-mile-ampere hours. These batteries have already checked on the "YouTube" and they correspond to these parameters.

As the cage has a board protection element against overheating from excessive charge and the strong discharge. Which is very pleasing.

All he could tell by vnutryanke -Tell us. As a result, for the low price could not take hold of a bad screwdriver for housework.

I hope you were wondering, dear reader. Checkin Like at my article, so I know what is useful for you.

P / s As it turned out the Shura copy Makita BL1013, as well as similar devices can be found at Aliekspres branded HILDA.