How to run a car on the torch

  • Dec 24, 2019

In the near future will have a hot time battery sellers. This is due to the fact that the sudden decrease in temperature little old batteries sharply denied and instead have to buy a new fresh Accum. But fresh battery cars may refuse at low temperatures.

Go out to the car, trying to make, and the starter gives a heart-rending sounds, indicating that the battery is strongly supercooled or prosazhena. The most offensive in this case can be late for work or an important meeting.

What to do if you put the battery?

In this case, there are several motorists variantov-

  1. Bring home the battery battery and in a short time to try to warm it or (and) to recharge.
  2. Call for help, a lightAnd if no wires? Last year I refuse to motorists in the Booster on a running engine. I am seen in the service station poor devil who gave light. And I slept a generator stator fired, hitting in this case for 3500 rubles.
  3. In the evening bring home the batteryIn the morning put a tormented, tired to hang with 15 kg. carcass on the 5th floor, no elevator.

All of these options have bothered me and still fork out and bought "Believe bank flashlight "with the function of the emergency starter car. A little expensive thing, but I need not only for the salvation of the car from Wintergrasp.

Our mail again tried and managed to chew box. In this case the benefit pribludy strong and very carefully done.

Whisk in the left image
Whisk in the left image
Whisk in the left image

The functional device is able to run a car, to charge mobile phones, and cover bright future the necessary room and space in the absence of other light sources. battery characteristics and equipment in front of you in the photo, do not forget to turn over.

As you can see the kit includes:

  1. Cover, very high quality.
  2. Powerful pliers with a good cross-section of the copper wire.
  3. Transitions to connect the phone to a POWER BANK.
  4. Charger cigarette lighter car.
  5. Charger 15 volts and 1 ampere.
  6. himself POWER BANK- lantern 600 amperes.
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By the way, my battery after 6 years of service, resolutely to die, just turned up the case to test this "unit" and launch vehicle from the flashlight. I recorded a video for his readers:

While writing the article came up with the idea! Why this Pribluda no shocker, electric. It should be corrected. I'll go write the seller, the price is not such a thing. Indeed it would be a universal tool.

The price of the machine is constantly changing, you can look at the site Aliekspress-linkWay to raspradazhe it costs $ 10 less than I used to buy.

I hope the information was useful. From SW.Timofei Mikhailov.