Instant coffee in expensive capsules

  • Dec 24, 2019

For a year I use capsule coffee Dolce Gusto (, Making delicious coffee. Coffee with milk (cappuccino, coffee latte) two capsules used in these coffee machines (coffee with a second dry milk). Saw for sale capsules Dolce Gusto Cortado, allowing to make coffee with milk from a single capsule and bought them.

I was greatly disappointed.

The box is painted coffee with milk. Written Cortado espresso macchiato.

Small print says "A mixture of dry milk coffee to drink coffee with milk."

I tried to make the coffee and realized that the money spent in vain (and the box cost 5 euros). Tasteless and not at all like organic coffee.

Here's what the uncovered the used capsule from the normal delicious espresso. Under the film visible ground coffee.

And used Cortado capsule. Inside is completely empty.

It was found that Cortado capsules, ordinary instant coffee is 3-to-1. Here it is, in unopened unused capsule.

Can be poured into a cup, pour hot water and get the same drink.

Surprisingly, that it makes Nestle Dolce Gusto coffee machines for capsules and a delicious freshly ground coffee and that's such a vile thing.

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