Neighbor not deceived its way spare water and nerves

  • Dec 24, 2019

My neighbor thought of a way to save water and nerves are not breaking the law. In the last article I showed you how to assemble the system in the garage. I'll show you how it has mounted in their water supply. Five years ago, it was assembled in the usual budgetary input and water metering system, no frills. But with remote counters installed a year ago, I decided they too clean, they have disappointed me. But more about that in the next article. Let us return to our new sheep , Our new system.

The opening of the valve decided to change, even though they are normally. Surprisingly new ball valves, instead of steel or brass ball inside are manufactured from plastic blue, the assurance of the seller are made of ceramic - well, well, I thought, and decided to check written directly to the post office proizvoditelya-

Pictures scroll, they then three.
Pictures scroll, they then three.
Pictures scroll, they then three.
Pictures scroll, they then three.

Question from me:Good afternoon. Explain please, bought a ball valve of your company. The consultant said that it is possible to put on the hot water. Is it so? blue ball.

Answer: Good afternoon! Blue Ball (ABC) suitable for CWS. We recommend for hot water taps
Brass ball or ball PPSU.

I sold the taps for cold water... Not where to go, we will put, at the same time check their performance on the hot water. He blocked the risers, pre-warned neighbors, soldered the new valve.


Rest of the system mounted easily. Since it was collected back in the garage, had only soldered to the input of the cold-water and hot-water riser.

My system has been assembled, it is necessary to set the correct temperature of the pointer 38 degrees. To do this, remove the lamb from the release button with a Thermomixer. Run water twisting looking mixer temperature of 38 degrees with a thermometer which is also purchased from the online store.

After this procedure, the thumbscrew put in place at a fixed temperature of 38 degrees, for comfortable bathing and showering without adjustment by a conventional mixer lever. While we set up the water temperature by hand, we shed a lot of excess water, and here we employ automation. So we do not scalding hot water at a pressure drop in the system. What's even more convenient if you have kids in your family

Even when using the Thermomixer has short jumps by 1-2 degrees. But that's OK because the system quickly returns to the preset temperature settings.

System can be assembled and the hoses, but the reliability and practicality should not even say in this case. Especially small orifice tubes that lead to changes in temperature. I recommend using water with non-tapered section, while comfort is assured.

After a week of use I can confidently say that the adoption of water treatment has become even more comfortable, the wife happy, puts me in reproach that I have not done this before (strange woman "being"). Baby wash away things fun, it is not possible to burn. Thanks to a neighbor for a cool idea.

The first part of the system assembly here- link

thermomixer, the main part, bought in an online shop link

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