Bender with his hands. Detailed description of the design

  • Dec 26, 2019

I usually write about the electrical or electronics on your channel, but in this article I made an exception and I decided to show a master-class manufacturing his self-made tube bender, which I built on days. Maybe someone will be useful as well.

Sizes will be specified in centimeters, to make it clearer, as perceived harder in millimeters. The length of the first roller seven centimeters, width of six centimeters.

Bearings have used 402, internal 20, M18 thread.

Which requires a thread? In order to avoid rubbing the wall of the profile.

This profile was made from the corner 60 to 60. Inside I cut off, and the left side and right side, and drove under the roller with a gap somewhere in the 5 millimeters.

The distance between the cuts I made five centimeters. So how do we turn off the tube in a bagel is not necessary, it would be possible to make a closer. I did not because I needed the arch, and I was producing it for the production of arches.

This video is leading by 60. Turner made knurled, because without rolling tube (or other item for bending) will slip.

A pen.

The diameter of this roller, it is leading, 18 millimeters. Here, weld nuts, drill bushing and M8 bolt.

Handle length 40 cm. Samu handle made from the handle of the grinder. I am lying, that I did and adapted. It rotates.

The height of the rack 25 centimeters. Above did not, because I am enough. Since I primarily work with small pipes.

The width of the slots to lift the roller two centimeters. Itself the entire length of 19 centimeters.

Well screw. This is a common thread, the length of 15 centimeters. That is as if everything is nothing complicated.

The width of the channel bar is selected under the rollers. What they are, how to carve a turner? Here at this size and it is necessary to adjust the width.

Here, I drove out to the fact that the bearings, namely, seats for them made by two centimeters. Because of this, and the roller has decreased. Accordingly, I made wider - 10 centimeters.

The top plate, the main, which is the load out of 8 mm thickness. On this plate I "uporol" boshevskuyu a drill when the drill hole in the plate a diameter of 2.5 cm extending a drill screw.

The sidewall is made from the corner 7 cm 7 cm.

I sawed him and put one piece on this side.

The second part of this corner. They thickness of 0.5 cm.

In general, the whole is nothing complicated about here. Take the profiled tube 2 cm to 4 cm.


Screw presses.

And so it goes on a bend.

Good luck in the assembly!