What is a dimmable LED lamp, and what is it for?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Modern artificial lighting systems are designed to provide the necessary illumination in the premises and to consume as little electrical power. To this end, we developed a lot of different kinds of economical electrical lamas, one of which relates dimmable LED lamp is shown in the figure. Consider what it is and what its capabilities.

Unlike conventional LED lamps

The main difference dimmable bulbs is the presence of built-in lamp dimming system. This system is based on the dimmer, which plays the role of a rheostat.

Lamp emission intensity control is realized by controlling the voltage supply to the LEDs process. To increase the brightness should be increased, when a voltage is applied, and to reduce it - to reduce the feeding voltage. The use of the dimmer allows to change the luminescence intensity in the range of from 10 to 100%. Lamp example is shown below.

What are dimmable lamps?

The presence of dimmer allows to change the light level in the room depending on the situation. Sometimes it is enough to have worked on the lamp 30 or 50% of its capacity.

For instance:

  • on the street is still quite light, but you need additional interior lighting;
  • I want to create a romantic atmosphere with a minimum level of light in the room;
  • you need to create the effect of the presence of someone in the house with minimal energy costs;
  • lamp may be used as a night light or hallway infant with a minimum illumination at 10% of maximum power;
  • Lamp suitable as emergency lighting warehouses and production facilities, etc.

As you can see, dimmable LED lamp has many more features than ordinary LED illuminators and saves energy even more.

types of dimmers

There are several variants of LED dimmers with llamas.

Examples of various types of dimmers
Examples of various types of dimmers

Consider their features:

  • Pushbutton - this is the most simple and cheap device for the regulation of the luminous flux which is carried by the buttons on the control panel.
  • rotary - are fitted with classic mechanical regulator rotary type. Turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise, the luminescence intensity will increase or decrease.
  • Rotary pushbutton - uses a similar control mechanism as in the previous lamps. The difference lies in the fact that the dimmer can store settings. To turn off the lamps need to press and not to turn the controller. After switching regulator will be in the same position as before turning off, the former providing illumination level.
  • sensory - a high-tech expensive devices that allow you to adjust the light level by simply touching their hands to touch the control panel.
It's important to know. The lighting system with dimmer control, you can not include conventional energy-saving lamps. Their device is not designed to work with dimmers, and they soon will break down.