The voltage drop brought down technique: how to compensate for the damage?

  • Dec 26, 2019

The majority of electricity consumers are familiar with the situation, when he suddenly turned off during operation of the household appliance. After that, even if there is electricity the device is no longer included working before (does not work and the replacement of fuse). The most likely cause of the incident - failure of the catch or hardware components that are likely to have to repair. In this situation it is important to deal with those who are to blame for the accident and whether it is possible to hope for redress?

The causes of the incident

In order to solve the issues raised need to first understand what led to the burning of household appliance. features described above allow us to conclude that it may be:

  • Short circuit in the transmission line due to deterioration of wire stretched by air or breakdown of the cable laid in the ground (pictured below).

Rain impact accompanied by lightning discharge (in this case there are high voltage of the order of thousands of volts).

  • Hard cut-off switching devices.

Furthermore, this can be a bad contact in the supply line, causing the misalignment of phases and a high voltage (up to 380 volts). After identifying the exact cause of the incident it is important to understand what can be done in this situation.


In the above case, it is important to act quickly, without delay solve the problem. After detecting device should be burnt immediately call the district substation.

Important!In order not to waste time searching for RES Manager phone - you need to know in advance and keep it in a prominent place.

During the call, you need to provide the following information:

  • FIM applicant.
  • Your exact address.
  • Time and date of the incident disturbances in the power supply.

At the end of the conversation, it is desirable to know the controller name, and then specify whether all necessary information is entered into the accounting log. And only then can you call the electrician on duty.

Arrived should check the quality of the voltage in the apartment and on the basis of the survey draw up a statement of the technical condition of the supply line. It is important to try to make sure that both of these events were held as soon as possible (no later than 2 hours from the moment of the jump power). After preparation of the report should make a copy of it and leave it for myself (it required the victim if disassembled by a court). You must then apply to the address of the organization, guilty of the incident (its form is provided below).


Who is liable for compensation?

In the case where the cause of a power surge were bad contacts or defect switching equipment - a complaint is filed against the district substation through the City Council administration. If the reason for the jump was the burning-off the ground in the overall panel apartment house - should apply to a network company serving it (the claim form, see below).

claim Form
claim Form

After an independent examination and determine the exact cause of the problem, both of these services must pay damages to the user. Another option - when it next to the house under renovation, and the cable is damaged accidentally. In this case, the company should pay damages, which laid bare soil in the wrong place.