5 brilliant ideas of Nikola Tesla, which surpassed time

  • Dec 26, 2019

Some believe N. Tesla crook, and some genius. Whatever it was, but to deny wit and lively imagination, he could not. He proposed many progressive ideas, some of them are actually used by contemporaries. We consider only the most amazing ideas scientist and science fiction writer.

1. The use of space radiation

Tesla wanted to master free energy. It can provide virtually inexhaustible resource and it cost-effectively. But this idea, many scientists considered as pseudoscience.

Nikola Tesla Rest assured that when he will construct a workable mechanism for the use of such energy, the energy-saving problem on our planet finally disappear.

2. The use of cold fire

Scientists believe it possible to stop using water and soap while bathing. And all because of abnormalities, called "cold fire", the body takes a shower is stressed AC in two and a half million volts, at which time bathing is a metal plate.

The procedure would have a pretend person enveloped flames. Such a method could be working due to the fact that the human skin is a good conductor, it may be more effective than washing with soap and water. The scientist was convinced that with the help of cold fire the human body is not only clean, but also the supply of energy for the whole day.

3. theory teslaskopa

Prioritization creation of the inventor - the device for contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Nikola Tesla claimed that thanks to his invention he had contact with aliens.

4. The invention death rays

Inventor hated war, the genius spent huge effort working on the invention, the beam of death, with which it was possible to stop the hostilities. This invention would be a particle accelerator, shoots energy beams. The scientist claimed that such rays can melt metal and shoot down airplanes. But to realize this idea of ​​genius inventor and not destined for this invention was to find two million dollars, money, Tesla could not find.

5. The ability to control the weather

A scientist has suggested that weather conditions on our planet managed. Thus, it will be possible to build the agro-industrial complexes in absolutely any location, regardless of the environment, with the help of radio waves locally change the magnetic field of the planet.

Now, as you know, countries such as Russia, China and the US are in the presence of so-called "climate weapon", which is based precisely on the ideas of Nikola Tesla ...