What is batchfile and where is it used?

  • Dec 26, 2019

Batchfile called electrical appliances designed for switching low power loads. Most often, they are installed in electric AC Operating Voltage 440-660 volts. Devices are a simple switch in the construction of which is not equipped with an automatic overload protection. Different samples of these products are shown in the picture below.

Where used batchfile?

Switches of this type are often mounted on such economic infrastructure facilities, such as:

  • transformer substation, where their use is associated with the need for switching meter readings and control;
  • with the same purpose, they are mounted on panels of equipment, controls the operation of power units;
  • before they are installed in residential distribution boxes next to the electricity meter.
Note: Today, these products are found in houses of old building.

Another disadvantage of devices is that they are often broken when a large difference between the mains voltage. That is why they have practically ceased to be installed in the majority of switched circuits.

Features of the device switches

About device packet switches can be judged by their name, in which there is an indication of the presence in their structure of the switching section or package. Depending on the number of packet switched channels number can vary from one to four or even more (photo below).

Regardless of this indicator the general scheme and the principle of operation of the device does not change. In assembling products all their packets are recruited as a "stack", and after mounting the cover are pulled together into a unitary structure by a threaded stud.

Inlaid package contains two sections in its structure: fixed and mobile. The first is a plastic disc, made on the basis of a dielectric with a central round socket into which the movable section. On opposite sides of the disc are grooves disposed therein with bronze fixed contacts. From the outside the last executed in the form of screw or crimping terminals serving to connect the switched conductors.

On the movable section prefabricated package are spring contacts that compress the switching fixed blades. In the center of the movable portion is located figure window in which, when the assembly is inserted into the stem proper square. The latter is connected to the switching mechanism, so through his movable sections transmitted torque.

Despite the primitive device rotary switchfirst talk about the irrelevance of these devices yet. As long as they are relatively inexpensive, and their switching resource is high enough - will be in demand these devices. They are still in demand in the design of various types of distribution boards and control room controls (photo below).