How to connect a triple switch correctly?

  • Dec 26, 2019

The basic rule when any switch: it must pass through a "phase", but not the neutral conductor. If you perform the installation on the contrary, the result can be quite disastrous, as the lamp is always "hang" dangerous voltage. And if the one-button installation and dvuhklavishnyh switches clear, the installation trohklavishnyh devices requires some knowledge.

The correct sequence of connection trohklavishnogo switch

To work required:

  • Flat and curly screwdriver.
  • Montorsky or plain writing knife with a new blade.

Once the tools are ready and close at hand, you can begin to work.

Installation sequence trohklavishnogo switch:

  1. Turn off the electricity by turning off the main feeder machine.
  2. clear all keys 3 by using a flathead screwdriver. To do this, each key you need to hook tip screwdriver, exert little force and otscholknut it. In its place is inserted the key in reverse order.
  3. Pry flat screwdriver locks on each side of the switch and remove the trim. On the one hand switch should be located beneath one power wire slot, the other - three sockets, wires from which will be used for the chandelier.
Fig. 1: 1 feed wire and 3-wire to a chandelier
Fig. 1: 1 feed wire and 3-wire to a chandelier

4. Carefully clean up the power cord and insert it into a single socket. Clamp retainer using shaped screwdriver. Or there are other tabs - which you can simply snap the hand.

Figure 2: Connect the power supply wires
Figure 2: Connect the power supply wires

5. 3 wires to the consumer, to insert into their sockets located on the other side of the switch and also to fix, as the feed.

Fig. 3: Connect the wires leading to the chandelier
Fig. 3: Connect the wires leading to the chandelier

6. Insert switch trunking and two lateral tightening bolt. When the bolt is twisted, the parties disagree locking tabs, securely fastened to the switch box.

7. Wear a decorative cover and fasten with screws.

8. Insert the key into place, including the main feeder machine and check the switch on operation.

To avoid confusion in the future, extending to a consumer, you can mark the wire.

Basic mistakes when connecting trohklavishnogo switch

The main mistake is even experienced electricians by mistake - this is an incorrect installation of the switch in the mounting box.

universally recognized human rights: Off light must transfer the up and shut down - down transfer key. If you turn the switch upside down, the location of the keys when switching on and off of light will be the opposite.

Another mistake, which was mentioned earlier - to connect the "zero" and not "phase". From such oversight depends on someone's health, and perhaps life as an electric shock always bears behind itself any consequences. Many electricians forget to check the phase on the cartridge, secure in the knowledge that it is enough to turn off the switch.

And do not always follow the electrical quality of contacts on the switch. A couple of turns and the wire fixing bolt seems pinched, but it is only at first glance. And the consequences can manifest themselves very soon.

It must be remembered that the power switch - a device bursting "phase", so the voltage on it "hangs" permanently. And often from poor contact switches simply burn out, leaving everyone to see the wire at the end of a dangerous voltage.

Last advice: It is best to use only high-quality and reliable switches from trusted manufacturers of electrical products. This will save time and money in the future.