As unscrew bursting of the bulb from the holder 4 method

  • Dec 26, 2019

Unscrew the bursting or accidentally broken bulb jutting out sharp edges on a number of technical reasons, not just at all. Completely unfamiliar with this issue people may need outside help.

However, there are quite simple and affordable for any individual ways, makes it relatively easy to get rid of the cap with the glass residues.

Using pliers

Regardless of which approach is chosen in order to get smashed light bulb - in the first place have to worry about the safety of the procedure. To this end, immediately after the accident, you need to disable the machine installed in the room supply line. Only after that you can go directly to the removal of the cap.

1. Dismantling without removing the cartridge

The simplest approach to solving the problem - use ordinary pliers that are available in the tool kit in every apartment.

Additional Information: Apart from them need a large piece of cloth or paper for the collection of glass residues and crumbs casting formed in the capture cap.

The procedure in this case is as follows:

  • First working gripping jaws pliers gripped the edge of the plinth, then we should try to rotate it counterclockwise.
  • If this is not immediately possible to do - you need to gently pry the metal rim with a thin screwdriver tip.
  • When you retry the cap should be carefully scrolled in the right direction as long as it is completely free (photo below).

At the completion of the work will only pick up the crumbs fallen glass and screw in a new bulb.

2. With the dismantling of the cartridge

This method of removal of the cap is only suitable for the old type of collapsible products manufactured in the Soviet Union (called karbolitovymi).

After the "removal" of the voltage with rooms - transferred to twisting the cartridge with a damaged socket. As he often turned inside out with great difficulty - you can lightly tap the screwdriver handle his body (but not too much so as not to split).

After removing the cartridge moving to its full disassembly expiring in that one of the parts broken cap is liberated. In this state, unscrew the damaged rim by means of pliers will snap. At the end will be to collect the cartridge and set it in its place.

unconventional methods

Among non-traditional or "folk" approach to removing broken bulbs include the following two ways.

3. Using conventional plug

For removing a broken light bulb of suitable size may be used plug (if present in the household).

Note: It should be soft enough to easily shattered glass were part of her body (photo below).

The sequence of actions in this situation is very simple; it boils down to the plug pressed into the base (with the complete capture of glass fragments) and you try to unscrew counter-clocks. If you do it right the first time can not be - should try again.

4. Or a plastic bottle

It turned out that the neck of a plastic bottle size is ideal for the lamp base. To use it for the stated purposes is required to do the following:

1. First bottle neck slightly melted on the flame of the lighter, and then is brought to the cap (pictured below).

2. Then heated by the part is inserted into it, and then make a small excerpt.

3. Once the plastic has cooled down - should begin to twist the lamp base (as was done in the previous case).

In conclusion, we note that in all the situations, we must act carefully, taking care not to damage the still serviceable cartridge.