Installation Instructions Escutcheon in concrete, drywall and wood

  • Dec 26, 2019

Connection sockets - simple operation, which occupies an experienced electrician no more than 5-10 minutes. Much more time is spent on the installation of Enclosures, especially if the work surface is a sturdy material such as concrete.

Step by step instructions for installation in concrete Enclosures

Firstly, you must choose a high-quality and reliable podrozetnik. It is best to pay attention to the well-known manufacturers: SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, IEK (IEK), LEGRAND or DEKRAFT. These campaigns have proven to be reliable and quality supplier of electrical products in the world.

Second, when working with concrete tools required: hammer drill with bits for drilling holes in concrete, trowel and a bucket, which will be divorced adhesive base for strengthening Escutcheon. And always remember about your own safety, so start with a hammer can not be without the protective gloves and building points.

Figure 1: Installation of a concrete wall Escutcheon
Figure 1: Installation of a concrete wall Escutcheon

Installation sequence Escutcheon in concrete:

  1. To identify the location of the future outlet. For this podrozetnik applied to the concrete surface and encircled with the circle must crosshair in the center.
  2. Fix the crown in the center punch forward in the middle of the circle and the entire drill bit depth.
  3. Replace crown on a flat tip for drilling concrete surface and to remove concrete, which remained inside the circle.
  4. Using a knife cut in montorskogo Escutcheon hole under the wire.
  5. Dilute the adhesive base - suitable starting putty and put it into the finished seat. insert Escutcheon and around the diameter accurately to cover the seam.
  6. Allow time to dry the solution and gently smooth out irregularities at the seams.

When installing Escutcheon in the concrete must be efficiently and accurately determine the location of future power outlet, since the procedure is long and very tedious, especially if performed for the first time.

Installing the Escutcheon in drywall

The procedure for this installation variants is exactly the same as when the product is installed in the concrete, but with a few nuances:

  • For installation in the plasterboard needs special Escutcheon with sliding "tabs", which are operated on the housing 2 of the screw.
  • In order to make a hole in the drywall is no need to acquire any special crown is sufficient to use an ordinary knife montorskim.
  • To fix podrozetnik in drywall putty can replace ordinary assembly foam.

Quick installation sequence Escutcheon in drywall:

  1. To identify the location of the future outlet.
  2. Cut hole via montorskogo knife.
  3. Escutcheon insert into the hole 2 and tightening the screws to fix it securely to its landing site.
  4. Additionally cause assembly foam.
Figure 2: Ready to drywall Enclosures
Figure 2: Ready to drywall Enclosures

At a certain skill, the procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

Installing the Escutcheon in tree

When working with wood walls, it is best to purchase a special metal Enclosures, as the most secure and reliable, as the plastic can burn during a short circuit.

Figure 3: Metal Enclosures in a wooden wall
Figure 3: Metal Enclosures in a wooden wall

Otherwise, the sequence is exactly the same as when installed in drywall: outline cut hole insert Escutcheon and securely fix it with the foam. When working with wood surfaces putty is not used. To cut you can use regular place jigsaw, pre-drill a few holes with a drill.