Transmission lines and magnetic field than it is harmful to humans. And bad for you?

  • Dec 26, 2019

We live in an age of scientific and technical progress under the influence of a variety of radiation and magnetic fields. Some of them are of natural origin, to which man has adapted in the course of evolution. Anthropogenic impact on the natural background radiation, appeared relatively recently, which did not allow living organisms to adapt or develop effective ways of protection.

Therefore, the question of power lines and magnetic field than it is harmful not as harmless to humans, as it might seem at first glance.

Picture 1. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields
Picture 1. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields

Power transmission lines and their effects

From school physics course known that around a conductor with a current presence of a magnetic field. The inductance of this field depends on the current strength and decreases with increasing distance from the conductor. This relationship is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Therefore, the weak magnetic field is practically not perceived in the region of more than 1 meter.

Even household electrical networks which are under 220 volt presence of a magnetic field can be detected only by means of sensing devices. For a man, they are not dangerous.

Another thing - the power lines with a voltage of tens of kilovolts. They create a strong field so that long-term presence in the zone of their action can cause deterioration of health. The scale of distribution of the magnetic field is shown in Figure 2.

Pay attention to the color bar on the right. The red color shows the tension near the wire. It is from 100 to 150 μT (microtesla). At a distance of 10 m induction drops to 15 -20 μT, but this quantity is perceptible to living organisms.

Figure 2. Scale magnetic field distribution
Figure 2. Scale magnetic field distribution

What is the danger of magnetic fields?

The most sensitive organ of the human to electromagnetic fields is his brain (Fig. 3). The reason is that billions of neurons establish a connection between themselves by means of electric pulses. These bonds can be broken under the influence of magnetic fields.

The consequence of exposure to electromagnetic high-voltage power lines are:

  • signs of irritable;
  • memory loss;
  • discomfort;
  • restless sleep;
  • fatigue, and other discomfort.
Figure 3. The human brain responds to magnetic fields
Figure 3. The human brain responds to magnetic fields

It should be noted that the magnetic fields are sensitive to all living organisms, including plants. Birds and insects tend to leave the radiation zone, and in plants growing under power lines, change the shape of the leaves and flowers. Observed aggressive bees.

Given the negative impact of electromagnetic fields, along the high-voltage lines are discharged sanitary zones, which prohibited the construction of residential houses. Near high-voltage lines are not allowed arrangement of car parks and recreational facilities for the people.

Individual tolerance of the influence of magnetic fields is different, but it occurs in all living organisms, which indicates the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. The only way to protect is to respect a safe distance from the power line wires, avoiding time-consuming tasks in the allotted sanitary areas.

references: - the link between exposure to non-ionizing EMF and the risk of cancer in children. - fresh analysis

All of them show the growth of leukemia in children and brain cancer.

Why is not the normal research on adult - and I think you have guessed.