In the compost pit was got a snake: what to do?

  • Dec 24, 2019
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For a compost pit of snakes - a secure farthest corner, where you can always hide from prying eyes, the hustle and bustle. It is not only protected, but this nurse. Vegetable and food waste attracts small rodents and insects, which are included in the diet of these reptiles.

Snakes come to the area for a variety of reasons but the main one is the presence of food. Avoiding encounters with people and pets, they settle in the far corners of the area impassable. Usually, these are the places reserved for the creation of compost pits, storage of firewood and branches.

For snakes suburban area can be both temporary and permanent habitat. Everything will depend on whether the selected location is suitable for long stays and wintering. If reptiles permanently settle in the compost pit, meeting with them is inevitable.

Found in compost snake, what to do?

If you accidentally discovered a snake in a compost pit, do not try to kill her or catch. Do not dig up the contents in search of nests and the remaining individuals. This can be dangerous for your health, and in some cases even death. Remember that snakes are much faster than humans, so it is not necessary to check for themselves their fighting qualities and instincts.

Following the discovery of a snake slowly move away from the compost pit. No need to wave his hands, run and do other sudden movements. Wear high rubber boots and pants made of thick-free cloth. Take the trimmer or lawn mower and start to cut the grass near a compost pit. The vibrations created by the tool scare a snake if that alone does not crept away from the site.

During the next few days, mow all the grass around the compost pit. Take the fork and gently raking pile of twigs, sticks and other debris. If a number is stored firewood, bring them into the barn or bath. Try to completely clean the area around the place where the snake was found. On the ground it is desirable to even remove the old leaves and grass nosy.

Once the area is cleared, the contents of the compost pit sprinkle thick layer of lime. Take an empty tin can and make of it something like a turntable or rattles. The wind device will create a vibration which, if not scare the snake, then it will create uncomfortable living conditions.

To forget about the problem for years to come, try to lure to his hedgehog station. Spiny animal in nature is a natural enemy of snakes, so do not allow their occurrence in its territory.

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