How to make a small kitchen were comfortable 10 receptions

  • Dec 27, 2019

Whatever the kitchen area, it can be used functionally. headsets have to make to order, but it's worth it in many cases.

1. Superuzkie lockers

Safety rules generally prohibit installing appliances close to the wall or to each other. Therefore, it can be built between the narrow lockers cookbooks, cutting boards, wine or spices.

2. U-shaped set

Even at five-meter kitchen in the Khrushchev is not necessary to be afraid of the U-shaped headset. This option is quite convenient if prepares usually one person, and in the apartment there is room for a dining room, where dinner is usually the whole family.

3. understated cabinets

According to the rules of ergonomics, upper cabinets must start at the level of 60 cm above the table top or 5-7 cm below the shoulder level. But to observe this rule may, for example, over the sink and hob, and the rest of the kitchen and ignored them to hang more spacious upper cabinets.

4. Mezzanine

Sometimes a small area in the kitchen in the old fund, there is one significant advantage - high ceilings. Then it is necessary to provide storage for rarely used utensils and appliances on the second tier lockers. Mezzanine can be placed even on the refrigerator.

5. Sliding windows

To visually expand a small space, use cabinets with glass fronts or glass doors with interior lighting. They will look easy and reminding window.

6. Storage on the side walls

Actively use all the open space, for example, the side walls of the refrigerator and the headset. If you do not want to spoil the surface, you can use a strong construction adhesive tape or magnets.

7. Blinds instead facades

The main problem in a small kitchen - consider how to be open all the doors. This complicates the use of space in the corner of the room or the installation of two sets of parallel linear. The solution is very simple - curtains.

8. Open shelves in the corner

Owning a small kitchen with a window near the wall sometimes you have to sacrifice for the sake of additional natural light locker. He closes the part of the window, but it allows you to store more dishes. Convenient alternative - open shelf in the corner near the window headset.

9. Folding table

Find space for dining table - is also a problem in a small kitchen. Use folding options that take up little space. And do not be afraid to "cut off" a piece of the traditional round table, as in the example photo.

10. The sill-table

Even the window sill can be used functionally, if make it countertop. Typically the cabinets above the level, so there are conveniently located dining area.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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