Just do not tile: 6 ideas for a kitchen apron

  • Dec 27, 2019

If the tile seems too boring, outdated or expensive material, we offer you 6 ideas than it can be replaced without compromising functionality.

1. Laminate wall panels

This is perhaps the simplest and most cost solution. Wall panels can be installed even in a rented apartment or in a situation where repairs need to be done very quickly. Options myriad colors, but usually it is selected in the color of countertops. The downside of the decision will be the joints, which need to be formalized with an aluminum profile, pre-processed sealant.

2. Fake diamond

Panels of artificial stone glued together, are attached to the table top and polished. It turns single surface of virtually any shape (for climbing or hood reaching to the upper cabinets) without a joint. Yes, and restore the original appearance of such panels can be a simple grinding. But the budget is a decision not to call, and the choice of colors is small.

3. Glass

Usually glass apron is used in kitchens, living rooms, where important decorative effect. Transparent glass can be closed or parquet wallpaper on the wall, on the surface, apply any image or solid color. But it is worth remembering that the surface under the glass must be perfectly flat. And the apron will require constant care - to gloss it is very visible traces.

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4. Mosaic

The main advantage of the mosaic is that it can be almost any shape and size, providing complete creative freedom! Create a one-color fabric or monolithic panels with a pattern, add color and brightness of the tile or stone. However, even the most simple variant design apron mosaic require hard work and a lot of grout.

5. Metal

This variant design of the kitchen apron while not as popular, because usually in the representation depicted cheap and unappealing stainless steel sheet with all its shortcomings. In fact, the panel is made of aluminum, copper and other metals and alloys. You can even choose the option imitation of mosaic or tile.

6. Brick and wood

At first glance, it seems that these materials are highly impractical. At second glance - too. Sometimes, brick or wood cover tempered glass to at least visually, they were present in the interior of the kitchen. And sometimes - just once a year, sanded or painted! The fact that traces of grease and dirt on textured surfaces such completely invisible, so pick up enough high quality and suitable for the restoration material.

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Author: Paul Shelyagin.

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