What do high beds: 5 decent options

  • Dec 27, 2019

In this article I would like to tell about the practical scrap materials from which to make a good high beds. After going through a lot of options, I selected only the most cheap and affordable for a simple gardener.

I will not list all of the advantages and disadvantages of high beds, as sure that my readers know about them better than me. I go directly to the point.

1. From the old slate

A photo: http://xnctbjzgecdi1jg0c.xn--p1ai/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HT3Qciv-nkw.jpg
A photo: http://xnctbjzgecdi1jg0c.xn--p1ai/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/HT3Qciv-nkw.jpg

Of the remaining sheets of old roofing slate and metal parts can be made durable carcass, which are not afraid of cold weather, the sun and even moisture. High beds made thus can serve up to 20 years. However, such a construction has several disadvantages, because of which many gardeners had to abandon it.

  • First, the old slate rather fragile material, which can easily damage the fallen shovel or a metal bucket. Beds to serve a long time, will have to work for them very carefully;
  • Secondly, many of the sources referred to slate harmful and even dangerous for the health of the material. Therefore, many gardeners do not rush to closely link it with the ground;
  • Third, work with the old slate (drill, mount, crop), is not as easy as it seems. The material is quite fragile and easily breaking.

For the rest, this type of practical, durable and available.

2. Old brick

A photo: https://ydoo.info/sites/default/files/images/kak-sdelat-vysokie-grjadki-2-4.jpg
A photo: https://ydoo.info/sites/default/files/images/kak-sdelat-vysokie-grjadki-2-4.jpg

Old brick can be very strong and durable high wall for beds. It will have not enough work, but the result will be worth the effort. Beds made thus does not have an expiration date. They are not afraid of moisture, frost, scorching sun and the accidental fall of garden tools.

In contrast to the foundation of the house, brick beds do not crack during the spring deformation of the soil. This is because that the design is right on the surface, and the pressure on it from above is missing.

To create walls need to select a well-preserved bricks and clear them from the residual concrete. Since the height of the structure is quite small, the accuracy of construction and special skills are needed.

3. Of boards and bars

A photo: https://b-online.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1-32.jpg
A photo: https://b-online.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/1-32.jpg

In just a few hours of thick planks and bars you can put together a solid frame for beds of any height. This design differs accessibility, practicality and low cost. The only drawback is the service life. High wall beds made from natural wood will last no more than 5 years. To increase shelf life, can be impregnated with wood stain, in this case, the beds stand for up to 10 years.

To create a design would require only the most simple locksmith tools, which are available in any host. Special skills and experience of working with wood, too, is not required.

4. Sheet metal

Photo: ccrcroselawn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Round-Metal-Raised-Garden-Beds.jpg
Photo: ccrcroselawn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Round-Metal-Raised-Garden-Beds.jpg

Of the metal sheets from old fence or roof can be made strong and durable for high wall beds. To strengthen the construction the sheets prop pegs, iron thick corners or mesh.

Since the sheets easy to bend almost any angle, the beds can be rectangular, circular, or even triangular in shape.

During the creation of high beds from sheet metal necessarily has several drainage holes. Otherwise, after heavy rains culture can be pretty flooded.

5. Metal mesh

A photo: https://fhcdnarticles-a.akamaihd.net/2226725/thumb_585.jpg
A photo: https://fhcdnarticles-a.akamaihd.net/2226725/thumb_585.jpg

Of fine wire mesh and cardboard can be made lightweight and durable framework for high beds. The main advantage of the design will be the ease and speed of creation. In the presence of materials, such a bed can make less than 20 minutes. Special skills and special tools is not required.

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