Getting rid of ants using ammonia

  • Dec 27, 2019
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Despite the fact that the garden ants bring tangible benefits to the kitchen garden, will not get along with them. In addition to the positive qualities, these insects have several serious drawbacks:

  • First, the ants are the messengers of aphids, ie create a breeding foci of the pest;
  • Secondly, they spoil the roots, leaves, stems and fruits of plants even in the course of his life. The main cause damage to crops insects during the construction of the underground ant.

Therefore, as we would not want a peaceful neighborhood with ants, pests will have to get rid of. Otherwise, a good harvest will be forgotten.

There are many ways to deal with ants, ranging from popular recipes and ending with the purchase-drugs. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. The method which I'll discuss in this article is no exception, he, too, has its positive and negative sides. I will describe everything in order.

Fighting ants using ammonia

In order to fight against the ants it was effective enough to treat one plant. It is necessary to destroy the nest and moves, and then treat the infected culture. Only a comprehensive approach will allow for a long time to forget about the pest.

1. destroy an anthill

The first step you need to destroy the ant hill. For this we need a concentrated (Relative to the conventional solution used in gardening) ammonia solution. Diluted in 10 liters of water 4 tablespoons substances and mix thoroughly. A solution ready for use.

Further tear ant shovel and properly shed to give a solution. Also been reported with other conglomerations of pests. The track on which the moving ants, too, need to throw ammonia.

2. target plants

Once an ant hill and places where ants in the area will be destroyed, you must treat the affected plants. This will help us to a less concentrated solution of ammonia. Diluted in 10 liters of water and 10 ml. substance, add 2 dice cube sugar and mix well until homogenous.

Such a solution must be sprayed all the green part of the plant, where they met the ants before.

The same solution, but without added sugar, you need to water the plants by the roots. The composition is not only deter ants, but also become an excellent nitrogen fertilizing.


If you have previously used a nitrogen fertilizer and the level of nitrogen in the soil is relatively high, the use of ammonia may entail fatliquoring cultures. In addition, overdose substances entail burns plant tissues. Therefore, always and in everything you need to know when to stop.

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