Helpful neighbors for strawberries: it is best to plant next to the berry

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In previous articles I have repeatedly written about the benefits and dangers of joint planting of various vegetable crops. I will not repeat and tell basic things, because I am sure that most of my readers know about them better than me. I'll write soon about specific plants, which should be planted in the vicinity of the strawberries.

Plants - helpful neighbors

In strawberries, as well as any other vegetable crops, a lot of helpful neighbors. These include trees, shrubs, berries, vegetables, fruits and even herbs. However, most of them, we almost did not land at his dacha, so this article focuses only on the most popular.

1. Parsley and dill

Parsley and dill planted in close proximity to the strawberry, berry help protect against snails and slugs. This proximity is particularly important if you conduct a full-scale war against these pests.

2. Garlic

Garlic has become a real protector of your berries. The proximity of this culture not only will protect the strawberries from the garden pests, but also become an obstacle to the spread of fungal diseases.

Mixing planting garlic and strawberries virtually guarantees no problems with ants, aphids, and even strawberry weevil.

3. Beans and peas

Beans and peas growing near the bushes strawberries, digestible nitrogen saturate the soil. This trace mineral is needed berries in all stages of growth and fruiting.

In addition, the root system loosens soil legumes, which directly affects the quality of air and water exchange.

4. Marigold

In addition to vegetable crops other than strawberries for the neighbors will peonies, clematis and the nasturtium. Among the flowers, special attention would be desirable to pay marigolds. They fit in a pair of strawberries will help to forget about pests such as nematodes and weevils.

In addition, the combination of colors and bright strawberry berries will create quite an attractive garden composition.

5. Bow

A great neighbor for strawberries will bow. It will help to solve the problem of rotting, as well as accelerate the process of ripening berries. Plant culture can parallel rows on a single beds.

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