Errors that make watering currant boiling useless and harmful procedure

  • Dec 27, 2019
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In most regions of our country currant treatment with boiling water begin to be carried out in March. When the beds are still covered with snow, the kidneys do not have blossomed, and the bush was already beginning to respond to the impending warming.

Heat treatment is one of the basic procedures for the care of currants. This is a completely natural method allows you to not only get rid of most of overwintered pests, but also stimulates the plant to develop, improve fruiting.

However, in such a simple, at first glance, the process has its pitfalls.

1. Improper temperature

currant processing should be performed at a water temperature of 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. it is fundamentally important for the procedure.

If the temperature is above 80 degrees, the bush will get burns and severe stress. This will lead to a deterioration of productivity, and in rare cases, even death of the whole bush.

If the temperature is below 60 degrees, the processing becomes a common watering. In this case, we are not to harm the bush, but the procedure will be done in vain.

The water temperature before the procedure should not be less than 65 degrees. Keep in mind that during the irrigation fluid will cool down.

I would advise to use a conventional thermometer to measure temperature. Do not try to define "by eye". The device can be purchased at any gardening store for as low as $ 100.

2. Improper handling

Bush is processed with boiling water in a single pass, without long breaks. Before the procedure branches need to pull more tightly. This is done so that the water came to each of them, without exception. If the branches of the bush will be spread out in different directions, each process will be very difficult.

During watering do not stop in one place for more than 5 seconds. Too long treatment can harm the kidneys and bark.

3. damage to roots

Should not be watering the root circle of the bush from the bucket plenty of boiling water. These actions will result in burns to the root system, and then the plant will recover for a long time.

However, afraid of getting hot water in the roots is not worth. With proper watering bush from the watering, the roots of the plants remain unharmed. After passing through the threads, boiling water turns into warm water, which is unable to leave burns.

4. Too late treatment

Processing currant boiling water is made before bud break. At a time when they are still closed, but has started to become a light green hue.

If during the treatment of kidney will be disclosed, the young leaves will receive severe burns.

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