Feeding the seedlings ammonia

  • Dec 27, 2019
A photo: https://babushkinadacha.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/rassada-1.jpg
A photo: https://babushkinadacha.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/rassada-1.jpg

Just a couple of days ago I talked about fertilizing seedlings of hydrogen peroxide. It simply means pharmacy nourishes plants oxygen, and also acts as an antiseptic, helping to get rid of a number of fungal diseases. It turns out a useful and accessible dressing for everyday use.

Today's article, I again want to dedicate the drug, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. This time we will focus on liquid ammonia. This colorless liquid with a pungent odor everyone knows. It is used in medicine, household and gardening. The latter will be discussed in detail.

What is the use of liquid ammonia

Ammonia is an aqueous ammonia solution, and this means that it contains large amounts of nitrogen in easily assimilable form for plants.

Value lies in the availability of a chemical element. After all, if you remember high-school chemistry, the predominant part of the air, too, it consists of nitrogen. However, plants can not get it out in the required number. Therefore, we have to feed their nitrogenous fertilizers.

Tell what plants need nitrogen, I will not. I am sure that the overwhelming majority of my readers know this better than me.

Is this dangerous for fertilizing seedlings

No dressing on the basis of ammonia is safe even for young seedlings. Of course, during all need to know when to stop, but in this case it is allowed even small overdoses.

How to cook dressing

To prepare the dressing, we need to dissolve 1 tablespoon of 10% ammonium hydroxide in 4 liters of pure water.

Watering is carried out on the damp ground of a rubber enema (to fertilizing fell directly under the root). The volume of fertilizer depends on the seedling size and capacity of the pot. On average cup leaves 2-4 tablespoons of dressing.

What results can be expected

Like any other nitrogen-containing fertilizer, top dressing on the basis of ammonia makes the seedlings "fatter" and stronger. Plants become greener and denser.

If you have previously slowed the growth of seedlings, ammonia will help it to continue to develop.

Little trick last

To buy ammonia is better at a hardware store volumes of 0.5-1 liters. Since the drug will cost much cheaper, and fertilizer plant will be more convenient.

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